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Hello, I'm new on this forum so my apologizes if I posted this in the wrong section! :D


& Like the title already explained, i'm looking for some nice in-ears
I'm looking for in-ears with great sound quality
Ones that won't break in a few months (i used my apple earbuds for 2 years so i'm pretty carefull with them though)
I also want nice looking in-ears and i do prefer a flat cable
Also they need to have a microphone so i can use them with my splitter on skype.
Price range, i'd say max 150 Dollar/euro
I do like the design from the Astro A*Star, but I'm from belgium and it's 102 euro / which is 132 dollar and that seems to expensive to me if I look at the sound quality from reviews (although the 80$ price tag if you live in america seems okay to me, but sadly i'm not from there)
Then there are also the Soul by Ludacris FLY, These seem the perfect match for me, stylish, flat cable, good sound quality? although some say good, some say not so good. And on the apple site there was a reviewer that said his one broke after 1 month, and at the price tag of 140 euro, it's not really worth it for 1 month, although i doubt that is true, and if it is, warranty will replace it right? 

What do you guys think?
other in-ear suggestions for me?
every suggestion is welcome!