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New in the Atratus range of audiophile cables is a high quality, shielded mains cable.


The Atratus mains cable, as per the Epiphany Acoustics philosophy, has been designed on a 'no holds barred' basis, using only the most suitable, highest quality components. The cable itself is comprised of heavy gauge copper conductors with a 100% coverage shield. It is terminated using high quality gold plated connectors on each end which ensures a lasting and reliable connection. The shielding mechanism ensures that any and all interference immediately gets shorted to ground, keeping it out of your hi-fi system.


Epiphany Acoustics offer the Atratus mains cable from only £49.99 with a 14 day no quibble refund policy, allowing you to fully evaluate its performance in the comfort of your own home. For further details, please visit the website.