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Hello guys

I am having serious issues about the neighbor's dog. Additionally my Dad has decided to give me a set of custom in-ear monitors for christmas. This will help me listen to music while isolating me from the noise outside. This thread is about the earphones, not how to send a complaint! :) (I live in Hungary as a student. It is very difficult to do stuff around here. Though getting 525$ earphones is an expensive resolution.)
I already found a place that do the custom ear-molds. (More info:

We first looked at the Etymotic HF-5. But the custom tip for them does not seem to work well for behind the ear. This is very important for me to reduce microphonics. I want them to "look" like ultimate ears custom ear monitors, because I believe this is the most comfortable position and also the most practical position for the cable to stay away from my side and face.

I checked out the 1964 Ears 1964-Q Quad Driver Custom IEM.
They are more expensive. But they might be a better choice? (525$)

I don't want to go any higher in price than the 1964 Quad Driver. (Approximately 500$)

NB: I am using a SanDisk Sansaclip + to play my music. Additionally a Samsung Galaxy S3 can be used.

Do you guys have any other suggestions?

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