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So I'm sure stuff like this gets asked all the time, but what are the best earphones for my needs:

I listen to mostly orchestral music and hip hop, along with rnb, soul, and just a lot of stuff, so I need something that is versatile but at the very least good for orchestral music.

I shall be listening to this on my iPad (which has the world's worst speaker imo), my computer at home (I probably need a new sound card but that's another matter) , and probably going to get a Nexus 10.
My files are mostly FLAC and high bit rate MP3s but also some APE so they are generally good quality. I like lossless or low loss file types because I love vinyl records. I sometimes settle for lower quality files if a higher quality version is not attainable.

I like bass as I am a tuba player but I would not want to sacrifice much if any clarity for extra bass and I probably won't want severely bass boosted  because there is a such thing as too much. 

I need something either durable or it has a good warranty because I don't like having to replace headphones all the time.

I am looking for either the in-ear moniters or headphones. I have a budget of $50 but I will go over if necessary.

Not sure if it helps but the medium size tips for skullcandy seem to seal in my ears pretty well, but I don't really want skull candy because of their poor sound quality and poor quality.