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I just bought a new iTouch 32 GB,5th Gen after previously owning a 3rd Gen. So now I want to get some new IEM's.Right now my everyday,around town,back & forth to work buds are Shure 215's. But I want something better now for around town. I want to spend no more than around $150 or so.


My 215's were/are fine for back & Forth to work. But I've outgrown them sonically.


I want more definition in the Bottom end. A solid Snap and Punch. No generic "Whoop-Whoop" for Bass. I tend to prefer "Warmer" sounding IEM's. The Mids a little more Forward. And the Highs to be Crisper/Clearer/Cleaner than my 215's without sounding Harsh. A nicely defined Soundstage would be great too.


I prefer IEM's to standard Earbuds.


Any Thoughts and Recommendations would be greatly appreciated.


My Set-Up: iTouch 5th Gen (Apple Lossless)

                  Fiio E-17

                  Shure 215's

                  Westone W3's


The W3's and the E-17 are only used on the weekends.