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Headphone Selection

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I was wondering if you could recommend either an IEM or in ear headphone for me. I am probably looking for something under $150, but could possibly go higher. I have been looking at the Shure SE315 or the Hippo VB. I would be open to many other options as well. I am really looking for something that is comfortable and fits well. I like something that has very strong bass, but also crisp in the mid to high ranges.


Thanks for your help,



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Hippo VB will not give you what you're looking for, only bass. the mids and highs are average. If you can consider Triple fi 10, Vsonic GR07 MK2, Yamaha EPH-100, T-Peos H-100 would be better options to read up on.
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Thank you for your fast reply and information. After reading up on the ones you suggested I felt as if I should provide a little more detail. I will mainly be using these with an iPhone 5 and a MacBook Pro. I do not want to have to use an amplifier. I mainly listen to Hip-Hop and club music(techno,house,electronic), but I do like all genres. I will also listen to rock and jazz depending on what I am doing at the time.

For me, very strong bass is the most important part of these. I am currently using Vmoda bass freq earbuds and really like them, but want to upgrade to something better. These earphones provide an ample amount of bass so I know I will be disappointed if my news ones were not to be the same way. That being said I would like these to also be versatile, so when not listening to a bass heavy song the higher ranges will be very clear and crisp.

Noise isolation is a very nice feature for me seeing sometimes these will be used in noises environments, but not the most important feature. I would like them to fit well as sometimes I will use them when walking and don't want them to be too heavy. That's one thing I really like about the Vmodas is they are very light and they fit extremely well. I have never used an IEM so I am not sure how I would like their size, but if they are a good fit for the sound that I am looking for I am defiantly open to trying them.

The tpeos look very nice I read that they have a new version coming soon? The gr07 look nice as well, and could possibly be a good fit! I am worried the Yamahas Wong provide the bass I require. I have read the cables on the tripple fi people have had problems with. Is this true?

Thanks again for all your information. I really appreciate it!
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Anyone able to help?

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I think you can buy 2 IEMs under this budget for two different purposes like RE0, HF5 for very detailed(extended highs and very detailed mids), balanced soundquality and for hassheavy genres music like Sony XB90EX are great buy because they offers tight deep punchy bass.

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Thanks for your help! That is not a bad idea, and I may do that. Is there no headphones out that would give me both? I would prefer to have one nice set that I can have with me at all times rather than having to decide on which type of music that I will listen to that day. I would be willing to cut out some of the highs in favor of more bass.


Thanks again

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The Denon C300 offers really strong tight punchy bass which goes deep and has really wide soundstage with crisp clear mids, highs and overall for bassheads who don't want to miss details in music(they are IE80 levels with even stronger bass and more crispeir with lower price tag). But under current price tag GR07, UE TF10Pro are amazing IEMs with punchier lowerend(bass) and they are very detailed, Yamaha EPH100 are also great buy if you want tight punchy bass with great imaging, soundstage.

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I think I am going to give the Yahama's a try. I am worried that they will not have enough bass for me after reading some reviews, but I am going to buy them off Amazon due to there excellent return policy!


Thanks for the help!

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