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JVC HA-W300RF 900mHz Wireless Headphones. Need Help!!!

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I recently got JVC HA-W300RF 900mHz wireless headphones from a friend. He lost the manual. I tried to find the manual from the web and JVC.com, but I couldn't find it. Does anyone know where can I download one? I could download a manual for a possibly more than 6 year old vcr, so it is possible to download a manual for this headphones.

Also, when I did research online, I found that it supposes to come with ac adapter, connection cable and plug adapter. But connection cable and plug adapter are no where to be found. And my friend even forgot he ever had them. I just plan to use a regular audio cable as connection cable, is it right? I guess the plug adapter is to connects stereo mini plug into a stereo phone plug.

Also there is a hole labeled as "B" right next to the audio connection plugs at the back of the base station. What is that for?

Please help. Have a nice day.
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Lifting an old thread but it's worth a try...


I have this same set.  Lost the Ac adapter as well.  The B connector for Audio in is for Stereo mini plug.  This is useful for the common male to male stereo plugs.  Say you have a computer that's streaming radio and you want to listen to it through the wireless headphones.  Use this plug from the headphone jack out on the PC or MAC and connect to the B jack on the JVC base unit.


I have aftermarket multi plug chargers that I want to try to power the head unit.  I am waiting though until I can verify the correct voltage input for the base unit.  I see it says 12 volts DC underneath but that seems high.  Any help on this would be great.

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I just received the same unit today from a friend. Sorry no manual included, but the original AC adapter was. Here's what it says:


JVC AC Adapter

Model J46598-001

Input: 120V AC 60Hz 8VA

Output: 12V DC 300mA


I hope this helps you out.

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