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Optimus Pro 35/KTXPRO vs. Anything Else In Its Price Range?

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Hello. I've been trying to make some decisions on some headphones and when I search for names, it keeps leading me back to this site hehe. So, I said why not give it a try since some of you all have had experience with my favorite headphones, Optimus Pro 35 (RadioShack)/KTXPRO (Koss), and try to find out is there any equivalent or better set in it's proice range or maybe up to $40 (which used to be the RShack price).


I missed those doggone headphones and have been looking to a match ever since. I have purchased some headphones a few years back that resembled them, but didn't quite have the same kick to them. I returned those. Years later, a friend recommended the PortaPros to me. I bought those and just thought they were just ok, but not on the level of the Pro 35s. A while ago, the wire came out of one of the ears of the Portas and I've been looking for something new. I still have hope that I will find something to match those Pro 35s, but at the same time, I fear I may be out of luck and I don't want to spend $100+ for headphones.


I don't know if anyone will get the description I'm looking for when I describe the Pro 35s because others may have listened to them for different reasons and I also see that the Portas seems to be a favorite here. The first time I heard the Pro 35s, they sounded like a car stereo on my head, literally. They had that heavy quality bass and they were quite loud. To me, they were unbeatable at that price range and I loved any type of music I played with them. I listen to oldies, R+B, doo-wop, Hip-Hop, and good music in general if it catches my ear. I also make beats (tracks) personally.


I really need some of those or anything that can be found like those - anything but PortaPros. I am just looking for an equivalent or better to the classic Optimus Pro 35/KTXPRO. If possible, please help.

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I own the Koss Pro35a, which I understand is the same thing as the KTXPro, and I like it for what it does (volume control, casual web surfing/YouTube videos).  I've also owned the Panasonic RPHTF600s, and they are far clearer and more enjoyable.  Hard hitting bass and reasonable clarity for $30.

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Found these on Amazon, the family has several of the Optimus Pro 25 which after decades of use still produce excellent sound for an open design. Although will definitely check out Marximus recommendation of the Panasonics.


Here is the Amazon link, don´t know if I love the design as much as the simplicity of the Pro 25's though:


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I fully agree, there are no other headphones that can compare to the sound. If you find any out in the world, please let me know!

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Anyone miss these?

They were sold in Radio Shack back when I was 15 or so. Koss TNT/55.

Anyone know what driver it used? Most likely the KSC35 or something.


Unlike the Porta Pro they are very comfortable.


(not my picture)

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I bought two pairs of Pro 35's for about $20 each at Radio Shack, roughly 15 to 20 years ago. And I have both of them to this day. One of the headband earpieces clips broke, so I use them without the headband, inside some earcuffs, when i mow the lawn. But, the other pair is on my head, as I type this, and I absolutely LOVE THEM! The audio jack broke on the broken, pair, as well. And yes, it was worth going to Radio Shack to buy a replacement jack to solder to them. Long live the Pro 35's!

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