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Audio Questions?

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Best Sound Quality Audio Format?

I've heard some people say FLAC, WAV etc. Which is the best in terms of sound quality?

Does Audio Frequency matter for audio files?

Songs etc. Does a higher Audio Frequency make it sound better or anything?
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The container file doesn't matter really. All that matters is if the container uses compression and if so, the quality of it (like LAME codec MP3 at 256~320kbps), or simply lossless with no compression. Some will say they don't hear any difference from a quality compressed container media format, compared to a lossless container. That will be up to you to decide. Me, I hear a difference between 320kbps MP3 and lossless FLAC on some tracks enough for me to just use lossless FLAC completely. But it depends how picky you are, and if you can hear a difference at all in the first place. I find it really just matters on the recording itself, as some are simply too fragile to lose information to compression. Others, not so much. Again, that will be up to you to figure out with your ears by trying it yourself. TL;DR: there isn't a "best" format/container. I will say though that if you want to play it safe, then don't use compression, and use a quality DAC, and ensure your original music source is of the highest quality possible and be picky about which albums you listen to (note: some flawless lossless albums sound awful even from CD because they simply were recorded poorly and produced poorly and there's nothing to save that, it will always sound bad on a highly resolving system).


Your frequency question is confusing. Higher frequencies are the treble or high pitch sounds you hear. Maybe you're confusing this with volume, or extension or... who knows. You'll have to try to explain what you're talking about on this one.


Very best,

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