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MyEars vs CMSS-3D

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I'm very familiar with Creative's tech.  I am not familiar with the software-based 'MyEars' solution.  I ran over a thread of someone who had a XFi Titanium (non-HD), and he swore the MyEars solution sounded better in his FPS games!




With today's hardware, a software-based solution really isn't that big of a deal.  The memory and CPU power it would take is minimal.  I guess I would like to hear from someone who has used both of these technologies recently (i.e. 2012).


I will likely take the trial, but I would like to hear from the pros why I SHOULD NOT go with a software-based audio solution for gaming... I mean, what if it sounds better?  Does it sound better?

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Just based off the intro and basic info, I'm definitely interested in hearing the pros opinion on this as well.

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Here's my little review.

After you register, you can create your first profile and configure it through the MyEars website (Flash). You're guided through the whole setup, which takes 10-15mins. As an amateur audiophile and an avid complainer, I have to say that I was a little put off by the sound quality of the voice recordings used during the configuration process. After you complete that step, you can download your very own, personal drivers that work as a virtual audio cable.

The newly installed device is supposed to be set as the default device so that it can be chosen by games automatically. There's not much you can configure at that point. All the drivers let you do is choose from one of the profiles you created and pick the device that you want to route the modified signal to. There's advanced settings with buffer size set to 40ms and 4 counts by default, whatever that second value is.

I was curious as to how it affects normal stereo sounds, so I played a random song using foobar, listened to it for a little bit and then changed the output to the newly installed virtual audio cable. The sound stage became cramped, highs really pronounced, with everything sounding tinny and somehow distorted. Popping all around, buffer probably too low. I know it's not for music listening, so I wasn't bothered by it and played some of the newer games I had, namely NFS:MW, Far Cry 3, Just Cause 2.

Popping didn't get any better, I had to change the buffer size to the maximum value of 100ms, which means it adds another 0.1s of delay to whatever delay there already was, which kind of sucks for competitive gaming. It's great if the sound is more accurately positioned, not so great if it arrives too late. The games sounded muffled and distant. Granted, the non-ambient, positional sounds like animals, cars going by, people yelling, shooting, explosions etc. seemed easy to locate, but they were not easier to locate than without the MyEars drivers. The only difference as far as sound positioning goes was that the location of where the sound was coming from was a little more pronounced and focused. It makes the game sound unnatural, but in competitive first person shooters this could actually be a very good thing. I didn't bother to check the impact these drivers had on the performance, but if there was any, it wasn't noticeable.

All in all I wouldn't recommend it, as the MyEars drivers didn't offer much improvement positioning-wise and hurt the quality of the sound in a really bad way. Having said that, it's best to try it for yourself as long as they're offering a free trial, since our experiences with sound are all subjective.

Word about my preferences. I'm a fan of CMSS3D. It seemed like the best possible solution with the least amount of colorization and distortion. I hate Dolby Headphone, it makes everything sound like it's coming from a bathroom, it hurts sound positioning rather than helps it. My current setup: Win7x64, Xonar Essence ST, UNi Xonar 1800 1.64, DT990PRO 250ohm

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Thanks for the great review.  Very informative.

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