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UK - IEMs - January Sales?!

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Hi I'm looking at purchasing one more quality audiophile-grade IEM £150-£250 ($240-$400). I just don't wanna feel like I've been shafted if prices plummet in two weeks time. Since I've never before bought or looked online at audio equipment during the January/July sales, can any UK forum users tell me if quality audiophile-grade IEMs in price range £150-£250 usually get reduced in 'January Sales'? If so what type of discount is the norm 10%, 33%, 50%?



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why not get some cosmic ears custom iems for that price and be done with it? ;)

that is what i'd do.

other than that.. not much really gets reduced here in the UK, not that ive noticed. and my birthday is in january, so believe me i've looked ;)

we generally get shafted on prices anyway.

Do you feel comfortable at all from buying from the US or abroad?

that's what i generally do :)

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^ This, most stuff never gets reduced significantly - look into buying from overseas. Usually if you calculate the possible customs + duty fees, and add them on to the cost of the product it still works out cheaper. If you can void in import stuff too then you're a winner.


High end stuff over here is well over inflated. Bit daft really. frown.gif

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I've used this site before.

You can use it to track prices on amazon and can have it send you an email to let you know when an item has dropped to your desired price. HTH

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