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Micro SD card issues

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Hello all. Hoping someone can help me with this.

I bought a no-brand Korean-made 32 gb class 6 Micro SD card for use with a Cowon C2. It worked flawlessly, but the Cowon player did not (the power button got stuck, rendering the player unusable). Sent it back to Amazon for a refund and bought a Sansa Clip + instead.

Eager to give it a firt listen, I thoughtlessly put the SD card (not quite full, but quite packed) as was in the Sansa player (with its original firmware). It freaked out, got stuck in "Refreshing your media". A hard reset later, I tried deleting the "system files" the Cowon had left on the card. "Refreshing your media" freeze again. Then tried formatting the card through Windows 7. Didn't work. Tried using the SD Formatter tool, which did.

But I still get stuck on the Sansa's "Refreshing your media" screen when I put the card in the player, even though the card is empty. 

Trying to fill the card with files by dragging and dropping through Windows 7 doesn't work either, copying starts but doesn't end. 

Is there anything I can do to salvage the card or is it somehow fried ?

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Don't insert or remove a card in the Clip+ while the power is on. Getting stuck on refreshing your media is usually a tag problem. The Clip+ needs ID3V2.3 ISO 8859-1 tags. Try using the free program mp3Tag to edit your tags, and remove all unnecessary tags. Also remove all comments. How many files are on the card? The Clip+ has a song limit of around 8,000 with the original firmware, however it could be as little as under 5,000 limit if there is embedded album art.





The Clip+ is incompatible with some cards faster than class 4. Usually it is some class 10 cards that are problematic. Try using a class 4 Sandisk card for maximum compatability. I suggest buying only retail packaged cards.

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Thanks for the help. I don't believe tags are to blame for my SD woes since the very same rips work as intended when played through the sansa itself. Besides, I also get stuck on refreshing your media when loading an empty card.
But I did notice the sansa had copied some, not all, of its folders on the card ("audible", "audio" and the like). Should the refreshing your media stage take more than MBB an hour when dealing with an empty card ?
Could Rockbox be of help ?
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Refreshing the media shouldn't take too long if your tags are in order. Even though the player might work with messed up tags, refreshing the media could take very long. I have a 16GB card in my clip+ that is almost full. Refreshing the media seems to take 2 or 3 minutes.

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Ah. Thanks again. I guess the card itself is faulty then : like I said, it's been empty (as far as I could tell) for a while now. Assuming SD Formatter did its job !
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RockBox solves all this stuff.  Music plays within a few seconds of turning the player on - no refreshing.

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Refreshing the media doesn't just refresh files on the card, it also refreshes the database for files in main memory. A long refresh even when the card is empty(but there are songs in main memory) might mean the tags on those songs are messed up.

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Good to know all of this, thanks to both of you. In my case, refreshing your media goes fast enough when making changes to the sansa's memory, meaning track tags are probably fine. Given it's proven impossible to copy files on the card through Windows (the copying hangs without showing progress), I'm inclined to think the card itself, or the card reader I use, is at fault.
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I finally caved in and bought a new Sansa 32 Gb Class 4 SD card and it works flawlessly. The previous card was, indeed, to blame.

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