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For Sale: FS - Citiscape Uptown, modified Orthos

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For Sale:
FS - Citiscape Uptown, modified Orthos

Will Ship To: CONUS

Hello all!


Selling off some of what I've collected the past few months for a fairly joyous occasion - adding a new member to the family...


No, not a child! tongue.gif An adorable golden retriever puppy. Saw one from a litter last week and fell in love. She'll be here in early January. I was thinking it over, and will likely have a lot less time to listen to headphones; between her and work, I'll have my hands full. This post is probably slightly preemptive as I don't have pictures right now (at work), but I'll have them posted before the end of the day! In the meantime, feel free to inquire regarding anything you're interested in.


Please add 3% if not Paypal gift. Shipping costs will vary depending on buyer's location and preferences and are NOT included in the prices listed below. Prices are fairly firm as I believe I have fairly priced everything, but feel free to offer with a justification if you feel I have grossly overpriced an item. Will consider discounts if multiple items are purchased. 


LFF's Vader Paradox - Serial #001 Vader. Differences in the basic Paradox as compared to a stock T50RP include a V-Moda cable, HiFiMan or FA-003 ear pads, and of course Luis’ magical work on the drivers. The custom version comes with a basic color repaint and a dual entry balanced Mogami cable, terminated in your choice of a 1/4” or 1/8” adapter. The premium comes with all of the modifications described above, along with a glossy clear coat with a powder coating on the adjustable sliders as well as a suspension headband that does wonders for comfort. You also receive a hand sewn headphone bag. Absolutely fantastic headphones, but I've been putting more time into my modded HD800s at home and IEMs for work. They deserve a lot more use than I am giving them. Retail for $730 new, asking $575 $550. Comes with everything. SOLD


Heir Audio 4.Ai - Recabled with a Beat Audio Silver Sonic MKIII cable (retail $179 new) due to a cable issue I experienced (the left side's sound cuts in and out) with the stock pins explained here: http://www.head-fi.org/t/622161/heir-audio-3-ai-impressions-comparisons-review-thread/180#post_8921199 Slight scuff marks on the shells, but perfect functional condition. I really like the sound of these and they've been my go-to for runs and work. CIEMs are in, and I'd like to just keep one. The stock cable is still there, but I haven't gone back and tried pinching the pins since I'm perfectly satisfied with the Beat Audio cable. Asking $295 with the stock cable/case/tips, $350 including the Beat Audio cable.  SOLD


Denon AH-D600 - I actually really like these. The bass kick is incredibly enjoyable on most mainstream music, comfort is good and the sound is non-fatiguing. Was planning for these to be my main work headphones, but due to relocation at work I am now located very near an old lady who hates music. The D600 doesn't leak significant amounts of sound, but there is just enough at higher volumes for her to come by every now and again and give me a disapproving look. Mint condition, comes with the travel bag/both cables/headphone. Asking $260. SOLD


Cowon J3 32 GB - This has been my go to DAP for the longest time. I had a screen protector on them at first, but took it off a year back or so because I just really like the touch feel of the screen. The cost has been one small hairline scratch on the screen, but the rest of the player remains in mint condition due to the chocolate colored Ringke case I've had on it since day 1. Really, really like this one, has a wonderful user interface thanks to the modding community and I've had hours of fun with the great EQ settings the player has. Not too sure what to price this one at. The J3 has been discontinued, so the only one 32 GB I've found so far has been on EBay at a ridiculous price of $299. A 16GB model is available for $175. I'll let mine go for $150. Will come with the case and the Cowon proprietary USB.  SOLD


V-Moda Crossfade LP - Black. Will come with the hard case and the black volume control cable. I've repurposed the second cable for a DIY project of mine. Good condition. $50.  SOLD


Audio-Technica M50 - Coiled cable version. From what I remember, a slight tear on one of the earpads. The spring in the cable popped out as is fairly common, I've pushed it back in but it's not quite perfectly symmetrical. Did give them a listen recently and compared them to a friend's new white M50. The sound is unchanged. A good chance to pick up a somewhat battered pair of M50s at a steal of a price. $50.  SOLD


Phillips Uptown - Brown version. Perfect condition. Just not being used. $50.


Phillips Downtown - Gray version. Perfect condition. Just not being used. $30.  GAVE TO FRIEND


Modified Sony MDR-V150 - Picked these off of another Head-Fier during a buying streak of mine. Transplanted with orthos SFI 120 ohm drivers. Silver braided cable, and definitely a flashly looking headphone. They actually sound really good, and it very much was one of the reasons I ended up delving deeper into the orthos world. $40.   

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Emailed! Thanks for all of the interest thus far.

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PM on the Uptowns

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PM sent about the LPs

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Hey, the headphones are great, and I want to leave feedback but can't seem to find where to do it...

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