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Spotify Playlists Monthly New Music

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Hey all,


Just wanted to share some work I have been doing over the last 6+ mos on playlists. I spend about 8+hrs a day on the computer due to work and with that in mind I have taken to creating playlists for all the new music I find. I have always been a music head so the playlists will go from rock to dance to country,classical.....  u name it! If it sounds good on my headphone rigs or makes me tap a foot....bob my head..... sigh....weep... or dance out of control....  It goes on the list.


My acct:




There are monthly playlists as well as a few that are purpous built ( like Headphone Testing Songs). the bitrate on spotify isnt perfect but 320k is decent enough to make the gear I have shine without a huge investment in buying music.



Anywho... Thought I'd share. Would love to know of any of you have music sharing lists/mailers...etc.



-Please let me know if ya find something cool on the list and any other feedback


Also.... Send everyone more music. Its good for them whether they realize it or not!





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Hey Chris,


Thanks for sharing. I've listened to tons of music on Spotify, but I'm not very familiar with the social features. I took a look at your playlists and I added you to my "friends" list (or whatever the heck they call it) on Spotify.


In the spirit of your post, here's a playlist of mine to share with you:




I would describe my playlist as hard country. From your playlists, I suspect that is not your favorite genre. However, I don't think hard country is necessarily my favorite genre either! smile.gif It's just that it is a playlist I had ready-made that was easy to share. And one day when you are chained to your computer, you may be in the mood for hard country, and when that happens, try my playlist!


Now, I also notice on your playlist "November New Music," that you had the track "Civilians" by Joe Henry. Let me say that Joe Henry is one of my very favorite artists. His work in incredible! Just incredible!


Check it out:


Joe Henry – Civilians


Joe Henry – Reverie


Joe Henry – Scar


Joe Henry – Fuse


Joe Henry – Tiny Voices


In my opinion, these are five of the best albums released in the last decade or more. wink.gif

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Hey guys,


thanks for sharing your playlists, It was great to find out new tracks!


I'll post mine as soon as I can.

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I listen/have listened to spotify an ungodly amount. I was using it back when you had to log in to a UK VPN every two weeks!

There's about 5 or 6 playlists in here that I update pretty much all the time. Most have very cheesy names, prepare yourself.

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Awesome!! Thanks for the new tunes. Keep em commin!


As for my "favorites" Its all over the place. The playlists are just new stuff i find tht I dig or stuff i think others may like. I personally go between new stuff... postrock-triphop-old hiphop-classical-jazz...and kinda all over the map. if it makes me move.... im in

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This is awesome guys!  Thanks a lot for the lists!  I'm currently waiting on a new set of IEMs that I'll really be able to enjoy these on! biggrin.gif


Nickerson, where you at in Denver?  I went to Colorado School of Mines in Golden.  I miss that area so damn much!  

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I'm in Uptown. Over by jonsies and the horseshoe

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