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Help with DT880 (600ohm) - amping / burn-in/ sound-signature

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Hello all,


I recently bought a DT880 (600ohm) and so far have been quite disappointed in the sound. At around 30 hours of burn-in, the headphones still sound relatively bodiless. While I won't describe it as bright, the headphones seem to have a more upper mid focus, overall giving it a very thin sound.


I'm wondering if it's my amping that is the problem. So far I've paired it with my Fubar IV plus and Asus Xonar E1 with similar results. Are there any amps that have better synergy with the 880s that I can try? Or should I let the headphones burn in for a longer period before passing judgement? Or is that just the way the 880s sound?

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That's the sound of the DT880, no need for more burn in, im putting mine on sale soon too.If you say they sound thin, then your better choice is to pick headphones with richer mids like hifiman, sennheiser

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I actually directly compared the DT880 to the HD598 at the shop and found it to be far superior. I also do own a HE-500, but I wanted a more comfortable headphone for general use and gaming.

Quite unfortunate if this is the case though, I would probably be looking to sell them soon then.

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very comfortable i agree.

I was actually thinking of the HD600/HD650 when i mentioned the sennys but no matter.

The recessed mids well, im not sure how you figured it would be good for gaming

All the best

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Doesn't actually need to be good for gaming per say, I just wanted something to be comfortable for gaming. I don't play gaming competitively, I just wanted a high quality headphone I could use to enjoy the audio in games, whether it be music or sound effects

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If you have HE-500, your DT880 definitely will get less head time....exactly the case of mine.


try schiit bifrost+lyr, they sound great on DT880

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The Valhalla is a better match for the 880's than the Lyr, in my opinion. But the amp won't change the sound of the Beyers so much - if you don't like it, try another set of cans.
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