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just received m80's, listend them for 20 mins, it's not a lot of time, but as first impression theese cans are great. bass is really good and present while general quality is also at high levels compared to xb500. will listen more and update, for now i am very satisfied


bump for iems

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Glad you are enjoying your M80s! Have fun!

As for iEM, I am no brainer in it. You can try asking ClieOS for advice thought smily_headphones1.gif
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the bass is punchy but not extreme, mids and highs are very well balanced. sound is nice, after approx 10 hours 


isolation if you put just the cans on without music is not there at all... but when music is playing at the lowest volume possible with my ipod shuffle i can't hear anything at home that is not very loud

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Thats good! smily_headphones1.gif

Merry Christmas!
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after listening them for some days, without touching the xb500 i just listened both on some different music tracks and styles...

well i have to say that even if xb500 is a really great pair of cans, m8 just rocks in almost everything... even the basses...

the sound clairity is comparable to mdr v700dj, that is far more superior than xb500, but the bass is powerful and  punchy like xb500 but "cleaner" 

i only prefer xb500 for comfort, even if m80 are very light, they start to "hurt" after an hour, my ears become warm but i definetly could sleep with them on, so not a big issue.


i can only say wow. great pair of cans, absolutely satisfied, especially for the price, 100 euro shipped


isolation as i said is great, with music at low volume i can't hear almost anything around me (not in metro or on a bus)

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Whut? 100 euro for V-Moda M80? I'm jealous... XD
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after two months using the m80's i can only say WOW

very very good quality headphones, i only use theese now most of the time.

very high sound quality and clairity, the blow away xb500's and are quite comparable to mdr v700dj, but a little better quality wise.


for what i payed them it's a hell of bang for the buck, i recommend them to anyone who wants good quality headphones (very resistant, very good sound) and is still stuck between theese and other brands/models. they are fabulous


i also had the chance to compare them to ath pro500mk2 and pro700mk2 and they are way better imo


for in-ear i'm still looking for something for sports actually, for normal use i got earpods so i'm good with them. 


any thoughts on good (but low budet, around 20-30 euro) spors headphones ? possibly bluetooth, but i also would like some wired guesses because i still don't know if i will be using my iphone or my ipod nano (unless there are some bt headphones with a receiver that can be attached to the device too)


thanks !

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The M-80 is an amazing portable indeed. For workouts, try some Meelectronics IEMs (M9,M6, etc.). They have great budget IEMs that sound really good.
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Thank you :) unfortunately there is again the market problem, i can only find them on ebay (wich is fine for me)


the m9 would cost me 30 euro shipped from uk

the she3590 at 12-14 euro shipped (brand new with italian warranty)

the mdr ex10lp 9-11 euro shipped (brand new italian warranty)


so the question is, is it worth spending the double to get the m9's ? or she3590 are good enough (or even as good as m9's) ?


sony ex10lp are not so good i guess, is that right ?

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You know, I am not really sure. Are you set on getting IEMs for working out or would be open to the Koss KSC-75? How much can you get those for? They're open back, but small, great for working out IMO, and they sound pretty amazing for the price (here it's $15-$20 USD).

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primary use would be working out, as my earpods fit well but if i start working out they don't stay in place for a long time


for other daily uses i still have m80, earpods, xb500 and v700dj. i may use them in the subway and during the summer when (with earpods) when putting on a headphone like m80 etc will not be the best thing


i don't really like this type of headphones and how they fit and feel on the ear  :( that's the main reason i'm going for iem's


but to answer to your question i can find them at 25-30 euro shipped

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