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Originally Posted by BillsonChang007 View Post

To be honest to you, Sennheiser does not make good low-end headphone. They are better off audiophile headphone not consumer. Therefore, CX300 & 400 are definately out of your list redface.gif


Where as JVC makes good consumer freindly product! XD JVC HA-FX1X has strong build quality with extreme bass & treble. Between these two is/are the mids that is recessed. 


As for Philips side, SHE3580 and cut out the others Philips you had listed :) Check out the review here http://www.head-fi.org/t/561951/philips-she3580-iem-review-how-can-something-sound-so-good-for-10 I like this guy review XD 


Now would be SHE3580 VS JVC HA-FX1X eh? lol :D

can't find philips 3580 i think i'll go for 3590 vs sony ex10lp vs jvc vs the others

Originally Posted by roma101 View Post

Also check out Meelectronics sports IEMs they're pretty good at low prices.

do you have a specific model in mind ? i prefer normal shape iems, don't like when something's around my ear, so classic style ex10lp is better

Originally Posted by mrinspire View Post

Okay,so if you want a natural sounding and has a good punchy bass,I will definitely recommnding you the Yamaha Hph200,it has a nice sound,review can be found here : http://earmass.com/2012/11/25/yamaha-hph-200-not-about-piano-this-time/

already took vmoda m80, but thank you anyway :)

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I got a pair for my brother (they were around-ear iems for the gym - I think it was the M6) and they sounded way above the price range. Nabbed them for about $20 USD. I would look up some of their budget IEMs here on HF.

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i saw them on amazon, they seem to be nice, but unfortunately there is not this brand in europe. via amazon it will be 30$ + 10 shipping + customs taxes so 45-50 $ total, way over my budget unfortunately. it's a shame that european market is so limited

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Ah ok gotcha, you gotta do whatever's right for your wallet in th end.
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yup frown.gif i would got them if they were available, they look nice, but unfortunately it's way too expensive 

any other thoughts ?

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How about some Audio Technica IEMs? I have the ATH-CKM50A model which sound really good.
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same issue ... not on eu market frown.gif but they seem very nice iems from reviews... but againg intl shipping and customs are going to make the price almost double.


but i've found theese...  AT-VM100 from audio technica... i just can't find anything about them... but i don't think i'll be able to get them for 20-30 euro... i guess we should be watching to brands like sony, panasonic, jvc etc that have products globally... unfortunately

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Owh~ btw...what type of sound signature are you expecting from your IEM? smily_headphones1.gif
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well i can't tell any brand's like signature as i own only sony for now... (m80 will be delivered tomorrow hopefully, before the end of the world biggrin.gif) but for my in ear i would like something warm. not too warm, but not flat... and as it's going to be in ear, don't want basses to be overpowered. i'd rather go with quality than quantity in this case, but again staying below the 30 euro (i guess 40-45 $ ? ) if possible :)

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Hi , Im also new here however I think this is defiantelly the most interesting ones I saw lately PARROT ZIK

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i already choosed the cans, and anyways the were way over my budget wink.gif

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Heya biggrin.gif

Have you ever heard of the Moshi Moonrock headphone? It looks like it fit your budget perfectly.

Here: http://www.lustgadget.com/reviews/review-moonrock-in-ear-headphones/ you can read the review smily_headphones1.gif
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hey :)

actually yes, i read something but not too much.

the look good, but budget wise they will cost me around 40 euro, so the question is, are they better than all the other iems in the list ? 

also... does someone know if the new apple earbuds are good or not ?

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The new Apple Earpods does sound better than the old ones a lot however, they are still facing the same problem; does not fit a lot of ears. Also, dueing the introduction, Apple says it has good clarity, good bass respond without losing the highs. So yeah~ they did it. However, they have poor midrange.

Review from TrustedReview here: http://www.trustedreviews.com/apple-earpods_Headphones_review

At the moment, Moonrock are some what overated. Therefore, it's really hard to find reviews

How's your M80? Do give us a first impression smily_headphones1.gif
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ah damn, if the don't fit properly than they're out of the list...


m80 hopefully will be delivered in the morning (10 hours away, before the argageddon biggrin.gifbiggrin.gif eheh)

i will test them immediately and listend the for a few hours and compare to my v700dj and xb500 redface.gif


i have big expectations actually... I hope not to be disappointed



iems list updated 




sony ex10lp (9 euro)

pioneer se-cl07 (15 euro)

radiopaq custom [rock version - pop version - classica version] (20 euro)

philips she3590 (15 euro)

jvc hafx1x xtreme xplosives (32 euro)

apple earpods (30 euro)



anyone heard of radiopaq iems ? 


for now this is my personal shootout... if you have any other thougts in this price range (max 30 euro) feel free to give advice biggrin.gif

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