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The Audio-Technica ATH-M50 seems like the perfect starter headphones for someone like me, but I have my doubts on it's portability as the cable seems a bit too long for my liking and smooth portability is ideal.

I'd agree M50s have great all around sound for a very fair price. I find that with headphone
portability either I'm having to carry them in some way or I have them in some sort of
carrying bag, like a backpack. So if you're not going to be holding on to them all the time
portability is about the same for all headphones (unless they're huge floatsmile.png)

Also you might want to consider getting an alternative Mp3 player such as a Cowon J3.


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Originally Posted by OneRhythm View Post

I have still not locked in to anything yet. My plan is to fully make up my mind when I'm completely done with my Finals in the upcoming week. As for my current top candidate, I was initially going to lock-in between on either the UE6000 or the AKG167, until zzs1229 came along and mentioned the Ultrasone Pro 900. So I checked that out, but it's a bit too pricey for my current range. However, I am very much intrigued by the Ultrasone Pro 750 and at the moment, It is currently my top choice. Also, I am considering on picking up a Fiio E11 shortly afterwards as it is portable and affoardable.
I really like the features that come with the Ultrasone Pro 750, detachable and durable cables, extra pads, a hard case, and a demo cd. It also has rather favorable reviews. If the Ultrasone Pro 750 can pretty much accomodate a variety of genres such as the ones I mentioned earlier, than I will go with the Ultrasone Pro 750.

Ultrasone PRO 750 I think would work very well for you. They also fold up which is a big plus. The ATH-M50's are over-hyped and the Ultrasone will perform far better.

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