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Headphone noob looking to buy my first headphones,

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Hey everyone,

I've been listening to generic iPod earbuds for a while now, and it is certainly time for me to get some quality sounding headphones.  However, I am specifically looking for closed headphones that have great portability and durability as I plan to use the headphones for both home and at college.  Comfort is also a must as I like to go on for hours just listening to music  Also, I am looking for headphones that will work fine with an iPod and a laptop, without an amp.  I would also prefer the cord length to be not too long and it would be nice but not necessary, if it were detachable from the headphones.  As to what I listen to, I pretty much listen to multiple genres, hip hop, ambient, electronic, classical, DnB, R&B.  At the most, I am willing to spend $250 or less.  Once again, I am a complete headphone noob so I am not too picky on having the best sound quality, although It has to be at least good-great sound quality and I'm sure whatever I choose to buy will be a tremendous upgrade over the generic earbuds I have used for so long.


I've also searched online quite a bit for something that would fit for what I am looking for, and I still cannot lock into any specific headphones.  The Audio-Technica ATH-M50 seems like the perfect starter headphones for someone like me, but I have my doubts on it's portability as the cable seems a bit too long for my liking and smooth portability is ideal.  I want to get as close as I can to what I am looking for.


Any suggestions/advice is greatly appreciated and Thank you in advance!

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Are IEM's fine?

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Unfortunately not.  I am strictly looking for closed-back headphones.

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Look at the sennheiser hd 25-ii. I liked the sound a lot when I tried them. They have bass so they will satisfy your hip hop and other bass heavy genres. They do have a v curve (bass and treble are more up front, making the mid range sound recessed) but it should work great for most genres anyway. If I were to purchase a tough, good sounding portable 'phone, I would pick them.
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I've not had the pleasure of hearing them, but from what I understand the UE6000 might be right up your alley. They're a noise-cancelling set, actually, but supposedly sound great in passive mode, and can be had for $199.


Here's where I first found out about them: http://www.innerfidelity.com/content/surprisingly-good-logitec-ue6000-and-ue9000 


The UE6000 is closed, comfortable (as other head-fiers say), portable, easy to drive from an iPod/phone and should do a great job for most of your genres. I would try to audition them in a store to find out if they're durable, and listen to them in both active/passive mode. They should blow your iBuds out of the water normal_smile%20.gif.


See how you go. Good luck!

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TTNK, and StyleElements, thanks for the suggestions! So far, I have two candidates, the Sennheiser hd 25-ii and the UE6000.  I just briefly looked them up and apparently they're just about the same price.  Anyone else want to weigh in on the headphones?  Also, I would love to hear more suggestions on headphones if anyone else has anymore suggestions.

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Maybe Beyerdynamic DT770 or Mad Dogs by MrSpeakers(these would need an amp but not needed but definatley when you would get some money to spend you would want to invest in an amp)
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Hi Rhythm, No problem at all.


The HD25-II is a great can, again, just from what I read (sadly my audio experience is limited, I wish I had all these headphones so I could say for sure). It should have better passive isolation, as it clamps pretty hard, and is suited for pro and DJ applications. They're also really rugged, and made to be abused. For DJing and active listening, I'd go with them.


The UE6000, to me, is more consumer-friendly. They're a flimsier plastic than the Senns, but I think they look more attractive if that's what you're after. I think they'd sound great for all your listening preferences, and would be my choice for a circumaural and casual portable headphone.


I think both are great choices in your price range, it just depends what you need. As a final note, the Sennheisers are on-ear, which may cause comfort issues after a couple hours, especially if you have glasses.

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The ATH-M50 comes in two, M50s (straight cable) and M50 (coiled, expandable). The cable length is about 3 meters. If it's too long, you can simply roll it into a circle and tie it with a rope or something (that's how I do it). It isolates very well, even at loud volumes. It's pretty comfortable too, I enjoy listening to it for almost 6-10 hours non-stop (I don't nothing better to do, haha). I never had any amps, but I don't think amps are necessary though. It should work out of the box. As for your music genres, I'm sure it will suit you as I also listen to almost all the genres you listed.

Also, you might want to read this article, since it helped me choosing too: http://www.head-fi.org/a/buying-guide-headphones-by-price-range
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Ff it helps, the hd 25-ii has a 1.5 m. cable. Half the length of the dt 770 and the m50. Helps with portable ease.

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So far, from what I've learned, I what have to give the edge to the UE6000.  It appears to me that the HD-25 is not full sized and I've heard reviewers and some video reviewers claim that the UE6000 sounds better than the M-50 so based on what I've learned so far, I'm really leaning towards the UE6000. Also, thanks for the suggestions, wolfetan, I did look up the headphones you mention, but my impression of the beyerdynamic DT770 is that it's not an all-rounder type of headphones.  As for the Mad Dogs, I know I sound stingy, but at the moment I do not want to reach out into that price range.    I mentioned I was willing to spend at the most $250, but I admit, anything over $200 is a bit out of my comfort zone.  However, ever since I have joined and posted my question I have spent so much time browsing around here that I now have fantasies of owning higher end headphones sometime down the road so I doubt that whatever I decide to get as my first official headphones over my generic earbuds, will be my last.


Also, I am intrigued by the AKG K167 Tiesto and from what I've seen people say about it in from these forums, they seem to be universally loved and it seems like a great value for its price.  I actually prefer the look of the AKG K167 rather than the UE6000.  How do these two headphones compare?  If they are about the same, I might end up going for the AKG K167.  Also, I am definitely open to any other headphones that have not been mentioned  and that may fit what I'm looking or any further advice/suggestions on the headphones that have already been mentioned.  Anyways, I love the feedback I am getting so far, thanks guys!

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I have the Logitech UE6000 and I can say that these are very comfortable and great all around headphones. My local Best Buy had some out on display and I tried them out first ( they let me hook up my own device to them ) so maybe you can see if your Local Best Buy has some out. InnerFidelity has a good review so if you haven't already checked it out I suggest you do so. The only downside I have with these headphones is that the ear pads are not interchangeable so if they ever get too worn out or ripped your gonna need to send the whole HP in. Upside is that they have a 2 year Factory Warranty.
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I would try these for a good introduction to very good SQ cans. The panasonics are very good and balanced and can be had at a low cost. These have nice clean bass. But these a semi closed can.
The Sony XB500 are very nice and respond to EQ'ing very well. These are a closed can and very comfortable. Nice deep bass.

These can be easily driven by your iPod. I feel sorry for your bank account. biggrin.gif
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I would like to say Ultrasone Pro900 or 2900 is also good for your portable device. You have to have patient waiting for a nice price in head-fi. The difference is 2900 is a open headphone which has better sound stage, but 900 gives more warm sound better for pop.

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I have still not locked in to anything yet. My plan is to fully make up my mind when I'm completely done with my Finals in the upcoming week. As for my current top candidate, I was initially going to lock-in between on either the UE6000 or the AKG167, until zzs1229 came along and mentioned the Ultrasone Pro 900. So I checked that out, but it's a bit too pricey for my current range. However, I am very much intrigued by the Ultrasone Pro 750 and at the moment, It is currently my top choice. Also, I am considering on picking up a Fiio E11 shortly afterwards as it is portable and affoardable.

I really like the features that come with the Ultrasone Pro 750, detachable and durable cables, extra pads, a hard case, and a demo cd. It also has rather favorable reviews. If the Ultrasone Pro 750 can pretty much accomodate a variety of genres such as the ones I mentioned earlier, than I will go with the Ultrasone Pro 750.
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