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Headphones for $60 Help

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Trying to find the best set for about sixty bucks but dont know enough to pick, although i am being told by several people to get the sony xb500's and after trying a friends i really do like them, but not sure they are the best i can get. I listen to some heavy metal and a little dubstep, so i want some really goodlows, but i still want to get those mids and highs nice and strong too. My current Sony mdr-v150's really are awesome other than light bass, but the covering on the cups is disentigrating so need some new headphones. Enough rambling, current picks, open to any shop and options you recommend though.







I am a teen and broke so cheaper is better, would really like to not go higher but if there's a steal on something good i would like to know and try to squeeze some xmas money out'a my parents

Also, is a small headphone amp worth looking into, this is going with my computer and ipad.
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You can also look into the 419, I like them better then the 429 myself.



Don't let the price fool you, these are super for $20 no kidding!!



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I would get the Senn HD 439 for $36.   These are $100 headphones at a big discount.  If you don't care for them, Amazon is a breeze to return to .



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I like the price of the 419s, but not really looking for refurbs on the 439s, and dont need to deal with shipping n crap if i dont like them.
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Stay with the 419s theyare more your speed.

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get a used HD555 from Dakmart for $55 =)

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Read a review of the 419's (actually was on here) and they sound good, only question is about the sound isolation and leakage, i know the xb500's was very low with its huge ear pieces, and they were very comfortable, so how do the 419's do in that area? Liking the price, leaves me with just enough to get dragonborn, the new dlc for skyrim
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And anyone got an opinion on a cheap amplifier booster thingamabob? Good? Bad? Necessary at all?
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I picked up some Phillips Citiscape Uptowns for $66.99 (Orig. $149.99 and $82 on Amazon) on sale at Best Buy yesterday.
I really like them, they're my first higher-end pair of headphones.
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Would really like to order very soon if i can get some more opinions, also anyone got an idea if they should be on sale for christmas?
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Koss ProDJ100 with ATH M40 pads.

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Originally Posted by jonnyp11 View Post

And anyone got an opinion on a cheap amplifier booster thingamabob? Good? Bad? Necessary at all?

fiio e10 is a DAC and amp.

Probably the best in the <$100 category.

It is on sale for $45 at adorama

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go fir audiotechnica's sj series , if looking for portability with good bass and mids
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Both Philips citiscape uptown and downtown are around that price range and are also pretty good sounding!
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