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Need A Solid Pair of Headphones

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New to the forums, joined for headphones recommendation. I primarily listen to heavy metal and dubstep. I will also listen to classics like Bob Dylan and pop music from time to time. I use my Android phone, a Samsung Galaxy Nexus, for all my mp3 needs. I realize the music I listen to may require an equalizer, and currently Google Music does not integrate with Poweramp. All the songs on my phone are 320 kbps because I buy from the Android market place. I was looking at a pair of Sony MDR7506's because they got such stellar reviews on Amazon, but a lot of people seem to be griping that the bass isn't the best. Now I've always been under the impression that for these types of music the treble should be up more and the bass a little but lower than the treble. I look for  things like how a bass drop sounds (haha, sad I know but I love them!), and the crisp, clearness of the music. I originally asked for a pair of Beats but the price was so outrageous that I renigged on them after reading a bunch of reviews, and want something that is worth the money. I would say I'd be willing to spend between $100 and $150 because some of the better headphones have been below the $200 price tag that comes with Beats. 


If you require any additional information, feel free to ask.

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Classic starter audiophile recommendation is the ATH m50. You could also check the Sony XB700.


How do you plan to use the headphones? At home, on the bus, etc... I think how you intend to use the headphones is arguably just as important as the types of music you are listening to.

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I use my headphones at work when I have some time off the phones. I use them at home. I listen to a lot of music so I can't pinpoint specific instances really. I never use headphones when traveling (IE: work to home), and my life isn't that exciting so those are pretty much the two places I'd use them. I drive, I actually just got a new Ford Focus.  

I really like the ATH m50, it got great reviews and looks like great headphones. And it's right in my price range. I checked Amazon and there are only two left, so I hope I can grab a pair! (I only asked for one gift from my family this year, and it's a pair of headphones).


I just uploaded my music library to my phone and will test out the equilizer from the app Poweramp tomorrow in my car and see how much of a difference it really makes. I actually used it last Christmas on a pair of Beats and the bass was so sick, so I know it can do what I want it to do.

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Try listen to a pair of Alessandro MS1i and see if you like it :)

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not to mention the just released v-moda m-100's. They're really good with electronic type music

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