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Hi. I am looking to get my first "audiophile" headphones for christmas. I currently have the bose ie2 in ear headphones and wish to upgrade. I have no idea what ohms and and all that other crap are. I just want some good affordable cans. I am interested in the philips citiscape uptown headphones, philips fidelio l1, ue 6000, beyerdynamic dt 880, and the HiFiman HE-300. I do want the over ear headphones, I just dont know the technical to it all. I basically listen to everything. Classical, hip hop, rock, electronica. I just need a little bit of help. Side note, I mostly listen to things on my computer and my microsystem mcm760. So I will probably need a DAC amplifier or just a amplifier. Im looking into a portable one like the jds labs c421. Another note. I just discovered my fathers turntable so I am going to hopping on that vinyl train. Thanks for your time.

Edit: Almost forgot about the jds labs o2 amp. Thats something im also interested in.