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For Sale: Sony MDR SA5000

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This Classified is Closed

For Sale:
Sony MDR SA5000

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Very good condition.Full set with box and stand. Repaired cable and changed plug to 6.3 Neutrik. Very good SQ. Superb build.

Item located in EU. Bargain for that price. Doesnt include shipping. Photo for interested.

Best Regards


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For Sale: €200 (EURO)
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Lonely Sony still surprised they havent found home for Christmas yet:(







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Interesting, SA5000 on the loose.


Will send you a PM.

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sold (to me)

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Originally Posted by kiteki View Post

sold (to me)

yes! gg

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Well...looks like these beauties are still for sale for such great price!

Ive tried contact with kiteki and he doesnt seem to respond. BTW I see him as banned? If anyone have contact with him please tell him Im waiting for finalizing transaction.

In other case these HP are still for sale...


Regards and Merry Christmas


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Transaction cancelled - no answer from potential buyer.

Headphones OFFICIALY back for sale.

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Good price for these but unfortunately I have more interest in that stand than the phones for my S3k's. haha


Anyway glws.

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Hehe, I could sell stand for 275 USD and youll get bonus - HP free!:D

To all people asking about shipping - yes, I ship anywhere. 30 USD in EU and 40 USD rest of the world. Package would be sent by post office with high priority and tracking number.




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i remember kiteki talking to me about purchasing an sa 3k or sa 5k as soon as he could find a great deal..!! so bad he got banned .. 

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Kiteki did use to have the SA5k's but she sold it while ago. Since the SA1/3/5K's are discontinued from production, $280 for a SA5k is pretty damn cheap considering they are no longer manufactured and about the same time last year before the production stopped, the same stuff was going for $350-400, so you get a rough idea how good of a deal these are. I would get these if I didn't have HD800's so yeh.


Anyways OT, GLWS and hope they go to a new home.

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KITEKI is not a girl :), if these dont go by feb, Im giving them a new home! ..

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Final Price drop: 260 USD

Shipping costs are above.




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Less than a week to go!! come fast jan 9th!

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