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Hey guys, 
I am going to buy a headphone and a dac for listening music with my computer.
After some research, I have found that quite a lots of ppl said that hud mx1 is a good choice with its price, and i believe that I am going to buy it as my dac.
At the same time, I have found that headphones of sennheiser are quite attractive to me(although most of my music are ACG, somehow I loved headphones of sennheirser so much), as my budget is under $300, I am considering getting a HD 598 or HD 600.
However, I don't have an amp for them, I want to ask which one of them will perform better if i don't have an amp but only hud mx1? Specially the perform of female voice and soundstage. (if there are any dac is better with sennheiser and the price is close to hud mx1, plz also suggest to me)
p.s sorry for my bad english, english isn't my first language.

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