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Hey guys! I searched a bit and couldn't find any thread regarding this matter, and I don't know if the Recommendation Thread would fit my purpose.

I've had the Audio Technica M30 (my first pair of cans), but they mysteriously stopped working out of the blue. I figure they should be rewired but I don't plan on doing it soon. Now I own the Sony MDR 7506, and I've been wondering what would be the next step towards a decent setup or something like that. At first I thought about the M50's, since it's the most widely recommended headphones around here (or at least it was), but as I write this post I thought of getting an amp instead of new cans. I don't know if it would be a (big) improvement for the 7506, and that's why I'm asking out. It's hard to go to stores and try out stuff because most stores here don't stock anything above US$ 50.

I don't know if its necessary for a second headphone but most of my listening is on the go (so I think closed cans would be better), although I will use them on a desk sometimes. Mainly ska, folk, disco and an occasional punk or hardcore band.