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Thanks! I'm a bit of a commit-o-phobe so I had to read as much as possible to reassure myself. I'd hate to drop $400 to only keep thinking what could have been, lol
(Funny how representative this is of my relationships, lol)biggrin.gif
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I'm tempted to get the Momentums as I like the PX-100 ii's. I've had the M-100's for a few days, and I don't like them, so they are going back.


My headphone selection has been the PX-100 i's, the Koss PortaPros's (which I didn't like sound wise either really), and I switched to the PX-100 ii's.

I pretty much liked them for every genre. I then decided I wanted something a bit more upper tier, and did some research and ended up on the M-100's.

My PX-100 ii's died litterally a day after ordering them :( The sound started coming only out of one ear.


How do these compare to say the PX-100 ii's though detail wise? (I do want a headphone that offers a higher quality sound) Do they offer a lot more detail for the money, whilst still retaining warmth?
Are they similar in signature?

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My vote is for the DT770, they are great cans for the price and you can get whatever version suits you best. Also for a little more money the Shure SRH940 is a great headphone too. 

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I should probably update...


I'm going to post a few things I've written in other threads, as to not repeat myself, but I love my M-100's now, and I have no idea how things changed so much, but they have.

Don't want to leave a thread hanging with a bad response.

The sound for me has completely changed from my first thoughts.


"I think I may have finally gotten used to the sound signature on these though. A lot more enjoyable for me now, as I've pretty much accepted them. I wasn't so sure before. I'm very weird when it comes to new things, and always stress I haven't made the right decision, etc, which a few times has done me over, as I realized I prefered what I had prior after sending the other thing back.


I'm going to do another cross comparison with my dads set now, and see if they have improved, or I've just gotten used to the sound they have.


The paper towel mod is in place though, and it wasn't on the previous listen.




We both confirmed (with the paper mod in place), and the extra burn in they have had, that the sound on the M-100's has dramatically improved, and I actually prefer them now to my dads set :D

He also said that there is nothing now in the sound, and mine shows a lot more detail (no surprise there). A lot more detail in his voice for example.

His still sound a lot fuller (more open cans), but the soundstage on these is still impressive.


This is whilst listening to Procol Harum - Salty Dog.


It has a wonderful reverb that kicks in on his voice before the drums do, and that really shows on these.

You can also hear, which you can't hear on his, analog hiss on the drums, and bass.


I think I can now say I'm happy & finally relax about the purchase :)"


"Yeah, if you read my last 2 posts, I can guarantee now that I really like these headphones. Compared to what I thought previously, its a big change, but I don't know whathas changed.

I have recovered from my cold though. That could have made a big impact..

I love the spaciousness you get and the extra details.

Maybe I have gotten used to the isolation?

I honestly couldn't tell you and it doesn't explain my dads reaction."


About the Momentums, I had a chance to listen to yesterday:


"At the moment I am stealing the Apple Stores wi-fi :p

A good reason for that though, they have the Sennheiser Momentums in there..

Well I plugged into my own source and started listening to some material. I listened to some acoustic, trance, classical and more electronic stuff like Phaeleh, etc.


Interesting... straight away, vocals in the midrange was a lot more in your face and slightly clearer. What they did lack though, especially when listening to the Mahler track I have, they lack detail in the upper ranges...

Also... not as much bass detail either... only ever so slightly.

One other big aspect I noticed was the soundstage in width on the M-100s are ALOT better. The sound goes much more left to right with better placement.

If anything, that makes the M-100s stand out the most.


So... apart from the midrange clarity, the M-100s have them beat.

They also had the Amperors in there... but I'm meant to br clothes shopping, and the girl I'm with is getting a bit stressy :p


Interesting though. Oh and the Momentums weren't as tight on my head and were more comfortable. The M-100s also go louder on my S3. I had to pretty much have the volume on full to get the same volumr as 3/4 on the M-100.


Anyway, that is my assumptons for now. Must dash!"


So yeah, I love the sound now.

The detailing in the bass really is something to be heard. They beat the Momentum's for sure.

Listening to Massive Attack - Angel last night, the bass you hear at the start, you can feel, and you can hear the texture of the bass guitars.

The bass drum then kicks in, and it shocked me that the bass could actually go lower, and still be controlled.


You hear subtle instrument details I couldn't honestly hear before, from purrs of bass guitars, to string instruments, to..well pretty much anything.


The instrument seperation/sound stage is to be listened to, and far exceeds my last set, and the Momentum's.


Anyway, just thought I had to update my thoughts on this, since you know, the internet is there forever.

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