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These are not by headphone that I have had auditioned it but these really impressed me to start a thread here. :) The build quality are not much differences from Nokia[Very good!] I twisted and bend it several time it still remain in shape!


Isolation: As a closed headphone, no good. I can still hear quite a bit of noise from the outside!


Comfort: Since I auditioned it in a store & it's pretty cold inside like in cinema, so I don't see my ear gets warm. I think it might under hot-weather.



I happen to try these a few months back at the same store that I had today. However, it sound completely different! Therefore, I strongly don't think it sound great ones out of the box. Few months ago, it sound like the bass are boomy, mids & are recessed. Highs sound so-so. Today as I walked into the store, I put these tank up, WOW! It sound like a different headphone! The lows are way too strong to me & for some reason I get annoyed by it. Mids are great! I can hear plenty of instrument playing. Highs are however recessed frown.gif 


Anywhere, I heard report says these sound bright? Is it because it don't get enough burn-in? 


This is just my 2cent. If you happen to audition these, please do share your point of view of this below :)


Happy listening!