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A few questions

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Hey guys,


Long time leecher of knowledge from here, finally decided id just make an account.


I currently have a pair of ATHM50's and they're great.  Im thinking about potentially buying a new pair of headphones/headset.  I game a lot on my pc, but do not have a soundcard or a mixamp or anything.  i also love to listen to my music (mostly classic rock, blues, and some dubstep/rap from today)  My M50s still work great and are in pretty good shape, ive always taken care of them etc.  the one gripe i guess i have against them is theyre a little heavy weight wise.  after a few hours of gaming i need to take them off and relax for a bit.  not that big an issue.  would i be better off getting a new set of cans?  would the sound difference even matter?  Or would i be better off getting a mixamp or a gaming headset, or just get an actual sound card?  What do you guys recommend?  My budget is around $200.  Id go over a bit if the difference was worth it etc.  


And i guess in general whats the best set of headphones out there for under $200?  I ask because ive read a lot of posts the last few weeks.  Whats the difference in sound between my ATMH50s and the ATH700s or 900s?  Im not brand loyal to AT but really love my M50s that I got after reading up on here a few years back.  Way better than my bose triports I had back in the day.


Thanks in advance

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you should just stick with what you have for now i think

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Well I don't know if you would notice much of a difference if you got an amp, but you might notice better quality if you get a new sound card. I can't really tell you whether or not you should get a new set since I don't really know if you would need one. For $200, probably the best you can get IMO is the Sennheiser HD598. They retail for higher, but if you look hard enough, you can find them for around $200. They work great for gaming and music, but not so much on anything bass-heavy. They are extremely light and comfortable. However if you get them, just note that they diverge from the usual bass-heavy sound signature, so it might take some getting used to. But it's not too bad. I did a review of them on this website.

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People here have been backing away from gaming headsets, but each to their own i guess..


Are you sure they are too heavy for you? Are you sure it's not because the uncomfortableness of the pads that causes wear for your head/ears? Because M50s are popular for their uncomfortable pads.


ATH 700/900s are said to be more comfortable but have a different sound signature to M50. If you like your M50 then you should probably stick with it.

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