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Hi guys,

So, from March to September I went on an IEM binge mostly because my ears sweat alot and I love the portability of IEMs, and I sold my ATH-M50s. Now, in the winter, I'd like to get back into over ears. I love the wide soundstage, and the fact that the music doesn't seem to be originating inside my head rather than from somewhere else.


I loved my M50s, and am thinking about buying them again, but they're even more expensive than a year ago when I first purchased them.

I'd like advice on a headphone with good bass, good soundstage, and detail. Most importantly, they should be a good value and under $120. I don't mind buying used, in fact I probably will. What suggestions would Head-Fi be able to offer me?


Thanks, and I realize this is a repeat of a hundred other posts. I know I can look in the deals thread, but 95% of the posts are responses to deals in there, and by the time I find a deal I'm interested in, it has often expired.