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Looking to rediscover my music!

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Hi everyone, I decided to give myself the gift of awesome headphones this year! I'm new to all of this so please be patient with me. I've been reading around here reviews for several headphones but I'm finding it hard to narrow down my perfect pair. I'm currently testing the M50s that everyone seems to love and I definitely see why! But my budget can go a bit higher ($200-300 USD) and I'm wondering what the next step up from the M50s are. Here's what I have and what I'm looking for:

  • I would love a bit more kick in bass (both sub bass and mid bass, I guess)
  • I'm not using an amp (and don't plan on getting one any time soon, but will look into it down the road)
  • Mainly for use on my computer and phone
  • I listen to a lot of different things but mainly rock and electric/house, though I do want something that's good all around
  • Would much prefer a closed back pair

I think I covered all the necessary details. I'll leave a few links to some headphones I've been looking at but I'm definitely open to any suggestions you may have.












Thanks! Really appreciate your time and input.
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Bass kick might be an issue if you're not looking for refinement, and instead for quantity, but the DT1350 is another one to check out.  Its sound is controlled most by the DAC you're using, even if you get just a FiiO D3, then it suddenly becomes an analytical detail monster that still retains its sense of musicality.  Out of a standard warmish E7 DAC or an iPhone, it takes on that character.


Honestly the M50 has no bass when going from the DT1350 back to it, so you may find what you ask in it.  Also it really doesn't need any amping.

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Thanks! Those sounds like they'll be perfect, except for one thing I forgot to mention.. I was hoping to get some over-ears, instead of on-ears. Are there any similar to the DT1350s that are over instead of on?
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If you're looking for closed back with decent bass, you should really look into the DT770s. I love Beyer's clean sound and the closed back should provide some nice isolation and bass. They just released the 32ohm one but honestly you might want an amp no matter what. The Fiio E11 should be fine. If you're looking to upgrade your sound, you need to upgrade more components than just the cans themselves. This hobby gets expensive quick when you consider a DAC, an amp, and the headphones themselves.


Seriously though, get yourself an amp.


--rereading: if you truly want to rediscover your music, not just enjoy it in a different way, you should get some more resolving/detailed headphones. The DT770s fill the gap of bass, closed-back, and they have fairly good clarity for their price range. The Custom One Pros have nice bass but I've found them a bit lacking in the detail department, which is why I say you could enjoy them in another way -- but not necessarily rediscover your music. You need more detail/image separation to rediscover your music, in my opinion.

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From what I understand the 770/880/990s won't give you the same neutral but vivid sound, they have their own specific colorations, so the 770 might work for you if you like its slant.


Also be aware that some people have gotten DT1350s that have quality control defects that give it an altered, strange frequency response, so be willing to return it, just in case.  I'd recommend buying from B&H for this reason, and because they offer free shipping and usually have good deals on everything.


PS I forgot to mention the comfort thing, a lot of people found issue with the comfort of the DT1350 too, I got a band that was tighter than normal, and what I did was just put it over a box and let it stretch for a while, and now I can wear them for (literally) 12-14 hours without discomfort.  It'll vary from person to person, but I found no issue with them after I stretched it out a bit.  The pads are like gel, very squishy and soft, and they will change quite drastically over time, they lose the fine roughness and become very smooth, and become less stiff and much softer.  Basically just give them time.

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Alright, I'll be taking all that into consideration. Thank you for the help! I'm going to look around to see if I can try these out or at least buy and return the one I don't like.
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A lot of places online take returns, you just gotta mail it back to them. Amazon is so easy. You just print out their label, slap it on a box and drop it off at a UPS location.

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Yep, that's the plan for now. I just don't want to end up ordering a ton of headphones just to have to return them all. I think narrowing it all down to 3 to try out next to the M50s will do.
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