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100€ budget IEMs

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The last time I came here for IEM recommendations I ended up getting a Maximo iM-590. I was satisfied with the sound quality but they were kind of painful to wear, and after a few months the sound was gone in one earphone so I asked for a replacement; Maximo were kind enough to send one from the US (I'm in France), but that one didn't last long either, so I gave up. Shortly after, I ordered a Fischer Audio Eterna... same problem after barely a month, and no luck getting a replacement given how hard they are to find. I don't particularly mishandle earphones when I use them—before these I had a cheap pair of Sony IEMs that lasted years—so I don't know if I was just unlucky or the latter earphones have poor build quality. 


Anyway, I'm now shifting my priorities as a result:

  1. some of the best build quality and durability I can get for the price range;
  2. comfortable (at least, no sharp edges like the Maximo);
  3. sound quality:
  • bassy but not "bass monster",
  • clear and soundstagey,
  • suitable for: Metal > Jazz > Classical > gaming,
  • I own a FiiO E11, so whatever sounds good with that would be bonus.


So far I've had my eyes on the Beyerdynamic DTX101iE. They're quite below my budget, but I've had nothing but good experience with Beyerdynamic products and the reviews are mostly positive. Open to more suggestions, thanks.

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SE215. Smooth, sturdy housings, cable seems to be rubberized and quite nice, over-ear style, so fits snug into your ears. Slight bass bump, nothing too offensive, decent clarity and soundstage (if you want better in that regard, try the PFE012 or the FXD80), fantastic with metal, easily driven, not really dependent on synergy.

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