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So you can probably tell from my post count I'm new here, as well as to the whole IEMs and headphones things. Much of my life I've been using the given Apple earphones which I was largely content with until I discovered that there are so much more better quality sounds with other IEMs.


I've found a few IEMs that I like. I need some help selecting which one I should and shouldn't. These are Denon AH-C560, Feels Pro 900 and CrossRoad Mylar One Bijou 3. All three of these earphones are the same price (Under $80) so price shouldn't really be a very big issue. 


I'm looking for clarity. I don't really like too much bass to the point of loud booming that overpowers other sounds, neither do I like too strong high that's painful to hear if turned to loud. But I like them all equally clear.


Any help? Pros and cons?