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Morning guys as Sants approaches I thought I'd treat myself to a nice set of Bluetooth headphones, my headphones I currently have comprise of the following
Full size
Shure 840

Sony MDR EX1000
Sennheiser IE60
Beyerdynamics 101s
Ultimate ears 700s
SONY mdr ex500

Firstly the Sony 1000s are my main ones for walking the dog I love these, and for when I'm in bed and don't wanna hear the tv, I put on my shures. But I now fancy some without wires. I've been reading a few reviews, and I think I'm going to order the new sonys

To be honest sony have never let me down, I've tried many IEMs as you can see above and both the Sony models seem to be what my ears like, the worst headphone I ever owned were etymiotic 4Ps of which In my personal view were pants, especially if you put them against the 1000 or even the ue700s so much of the song you miss with the etys

Anyway does anybody have any view of any of the new sony mdr 1r range as I feel they are nearly all the same apart from noise cancelling and wired.