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So my left driver (the headphone speaker parts are called drivers, right?) broke on my HD25's, and I need to do something about it soon. Well, I keep my headphones in my messenger bag on my way to school, and the bag slings somewhat over hip. This is relevant because last winter, I slipped, and landed straight on it-. a couple times (on the same patch of ice - it was really funny from an outside perspective, I'd assume)
I didn't notice until a couple months after, when I thought that I was losing my hearing in my left ear. I quickly found out it was the headphones, not me, but was too lazy to do anything about it. I tried changing the wires into the other drivers and found that the wire was not the issue- it's for sure the driver. I tested using high-bass music because I found that bassy music really made the left driver cringe - as do people's voices during telephone calls, actually.
What I want to know, is should I completely get a new pair, or repair it? I know the cans were supposed to be really good with spare parts etc, but for an actual driver, I think that would cost the majority of the headphones' value. Also, can I get it repaired at a store? I know there are probably places that offer those services, but would it be worth it for me, or would it be too costly/not be the same as when it was new?

Note: I'm currently thinking of the ath-m50 headphones mainly because they are significantly cheaper than the ones I have now, and I heard good things about them - I was thinking between the m50 and the HD25 when I originally searched for a pair. My main concern is passive isolation, which I feel that I lost since my headphones lost their 'tightness' over use - but it could be just that the sound is not proper so I hear more leakage