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Future Setup Questions HD800, HE-500

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Hey Head-fi'ers


So I've reached a point where I am pretty satisfied with my mid-fi setup (Audio GD NFB-5 & AKG701) so I won't be upgrading anytime soon. However I know I will be upgrading in the future and was wondering what you guys had to say about the setup.


What I have planned:

Headphone 1: HD800 (analytical listening, female vocals, soundstage)

Headphone 2: HE-500 (easier laid-back listening, pop, alternative rock, other genres)

Amp: DNA Sonett (balanced)

DAC: Yulong Sabre D-18 (balanced)

Others: Silver Dragon (balanced)

$2000 budget for both amp and DAC

$350 budget for each cable


*I'm going to balance these cans so might as well see if a quality cable actually does make a sonic difference.

*I don't actually have a budget but I do not see the logic in paying more for an amp & dac than what I paid for the headphones

*I also find to moon audio cables to look pretty plain. For a costly aftermarket cable, I'd prefer some braided/helix cables.

*I will probably buy aftermarket interconnects and USB


I had a few questions about this setup

Q1 Do you guys have any other suggestions (amp/dac/cable) for this setup that match the HD800 and HE-500?

Q2 It looks like the Sonett inputs do not match really match the Yulong the outputs. How can you connect these two? (the only possibility I see is the left/right coaxial)

Q3 Is XLR 3/4 pin better than coaxial?

Q4 From what I found, the Sonett has an unbalanced input (Is this XLR in the balanced version?). Is the Sonett unbalanced input actually capable of full balanced output as it claims?

Q5 Is the Sonett warm enough that the silver dragon &HD800 combo isn't too harsh? (I don't find the AKG701's to be harsh although they lack euphony)

Q6 Is the black dragon/blue dragon a better cable for the HD800 than the silver dragon? (I initially chose the silver dragon because I wanted the most detail/quality)


Hopefully I will be able to finally escape from the upgrade bug after this setup.

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I'd really like to get an answer for Q2/3/5

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subscribed, also interested to hear

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Sorry for resurrecting this old thread, but you did mention that this was for future consideration, so hopefully you haven't made any decisions yet.


Don't get the impression that the Blue/Black Dragon will be muddier or less detailed, it has more to do with their general signature (in their case, darker as opposed to the Silver Dragon). If you're intent on getting a Sabre-based DAC (hyper analytical and sometimes unforgiving), a copper cable would be the safer bet. Not to mention the Sonett and Stratus aren't known as the warmest of the amps often recommended for the HD800 (you'd want to look in the Woo Audio series for warmth and euphonics).

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