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Hi guys, i am new to this forum and new to IEMs as well. I have got a lot of information through this site recently and decided to post my query before buying an IEM. I have previously used SE HPM82 with my SE w550i, but that was years back. I now own a samsung tab 2 and would like a new set of Earphones as the samsung ones irritate my ears. The HPM82 i used, had excellent bass in my opinion and i guess that was partly becuz of my phone's output (please correct me if i am wrong). I have in my mind, three IEMs, which i can buy here in india:-

Sennheiser CX180
Tekfusion Twinwoofers.

They are similarly priced and sony is the most expensive of the three. My question is, will any of them give me bass thats similar or better than the HPMs. Will they require burn-in and if they do, for what period. I am no expert, so i was not able to understand what muddy bass is. Do forgive my ignorance and kindly guide me. Thank you
[Edit] i just read a review about MH1C, how would its bass compare to the above three.
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