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well im looking for a pair of headphones for a buddy for xmas. i wanna get him something in ear with and in line microphone and remote that is fully compatible with android he has an htc evo v 4g. he listens to a lot of dubstep and techno along with some hip hop and heavy/death metal and i want something that is going to provide clear highs and earth shaking the very least earth shaking lows but a good balance would be nice. something with a unique design and some bright and vibrant colors, preferably a metal and a unique cord like braided metal or that flat cable design thats oh so popular. Im looking at the jvc xtreme explosives with the in line mic.. those seem like what im looking for but i was curious if anyone had any better recomendations or any experience with those... im looking to spend maybe 40-50 bucks max. thanks :)