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Need New Headphones Please Help!

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I have actually been researching quite a bit.


Currently I own a pair of $20 Sony headphones that I have used for my ipod, computer etc etc for the last 10 years. Well they frames broke.


I want to get some new headphones, but am at quite a loss really. Mostly because there are so many great brands and models within those brands.


Beats By Dre being #1 (I joke)





Some Sony


Stax (Damn)

And Others


I just want some good sound :) I am coming from $20 headphones from 10 years ago lol. I also want over the ear.


I am willing to spend $250-$300. But that's where it gets weird. Those level of headphones seem to require a amp to get to their full potential. I don't really want to go there if I don't have to. That's a level of quality that is not required. Consider my sources.


If there are a set of heaphones in that range that will fit the bill great! But if I can get away spending less that is fine too.


Bottom line:


Over the ear

Sound Quality top notch (as much as it can be using my sources)

$300 budget (consider the fact I do not want an amp to push them)




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Denon AH-D2000, not very portable due to the long cable length but sounds fine without an amp, it can benefit, but it is not a must for those headphones.

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I don't see where you can find those denons for 300 or below. 


OP: what kind of music do you listen to? 

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$300 is not max, but ya $499 (amazon) is a bit much but not out of the ball park. $300 should be just fine though I think from what I have been researching based on my general needs......Just remember no amp.


rap, hip-hop, r&b, techno, misc. In that order pretty much

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If an amp is needed is the Fiio E17 good for ipod and computer? Its $150, which is do able. I want to spend no more than $550 for both.


If that isn't possible I will just stick with headphones.

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My current optimal 500$ setup is the AKG K550 + Fiio E17.


The K550 are 32Ω, which mean they're easy to drive. I had the E7 for a long time but recently upgraded to the E17 for a even better setup. The K550 are super clear and they can be worn forever without pain. For the occasionally needed boom, I put up the bass boost on my amp. 


Really recommending this setup. If you're more on a budget, get the E7 or preferably the E10 instead of the E17.

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How about the Denon AH-D600 paired with the E17?


Thats $650 haha wayyy over the initial $300, but I would do it if it is the BEST lol

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Senn HD600/650 for sure

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