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Harman Kardon Noise Canceling headset?

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Hi, I'm really interested in the hk nc headset as an alternative to Bose qc15's. Judging from the spec sheet they should be better than the boses.

The weird thing is that the only reviews I find are about the cl and bt units.

No shop in the Netherlands has them in stock to hear them unfortunately.

Do you have experience with the hk nc or have a link to a review?

Thanks a ton! Joost
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I've listened to the square Harmon Kardon headphones at B-Buy. Not sure if they were noise cancelling or not, but they were uncomfortable and poor fitting for my large head.

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I actually picked them up a few days ago and have been putting them up against Grado 60, SE535, Momentum on-ear's and i have to say they are not half bad. The NC is decent, only for low fq drone noises, like fans, engines, light hissing, they passive block out all the remaining noise decently but nowhere near as well as the SE535 IEMs (given) but are much better than the Momentum on-ears in both passive sound isolation and sound. the sound stage is wider, the mids are cleaner the bass is more precise and not as prominent but the highs seem rolled off somewhat in comparison to the momentums. The HK NCs are overall a very flat response headphones that seem to respond well to eq adjustments, where-as the momentums are great for certain types of music but are very V-shaped in their response. Obviously none of them come even remotely close the the SE535 or the grado's in detail and sound state. 

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