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Sony MDR-1R / MDR-1RNC fix for jack rattle

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It seems there is quite a few users have problem with the rattling jack/plug where the cable connecting to the ear cup, here is a simple fix that worth trying.


All you need is a tiny bit of blu-tack or similar matter.



1. Cover the black part of the jack with a thin layer of blu-tack, too much the jack won't fit.





2. Connect the plug to the the headphone and push with a bit of force. You should see the excess blu-tack get squeezed out.





3. Remove the excess blu-tack with finger nails or something, enjoy your MDR-1R without the clicking sound.



Perform this modification at your own risk. I am not responsible for any damage that may occur.

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thanks for the tip! i hope i wont get that rattling pair when i receive my RMA'd pair. and i hope it is not another "new unbalanced version" lol

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I might have to try this myself, but I'm mildly concerned about blu tac getting stuck inside the plug.


A small thin rubber O-ring would do a similar job by preventing the jack actually moving, right? 

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The gap is pretty thin, if you can find an O-ring that is thin enough you should be able to.

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Mine is a bit loose too,where the plug connects to the ear cup,but I don't have a problem with it,to be honest.


If I move the plug with my hand,when wearing the headphones,I do hear a small sound there,but I haven't noticed it when using them,listening to music.


The connection,although it seems to be a bit loose there,is quite secure.I suggest that someone should be a bit careful with blue tack there,as the op warns in the first post too.

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Mine has very little if any movements only I rock the plug back and forth. Haven't noticed anything when wearing phones. I agree on a_recording comment, looking one the plug seems like small O-ring or rubber washer can do a cleaner job than blu tack (if it works of course bigsmile_face.gif)

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The thing is the layer of blutack needed is very very thin, it is hard for me to find something suitable. Besides, with the excess removed, there isn't any blu tack mark outside at all.

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Originally Posted by Ra97oR View Post

The thing is the layer of blutack needed is very very thin, it is hard for me to find something suitable. Besides, with the excess removed, there isn't any blu tack mark outside at all.

I see, may be thin foam washer, it compresses pretty good.

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For me the main issue with the plug is that it rotates in it's seat. 

Actually, I'm thinking if I can find one of the small spare foam disc filters from my IEM's and cut a hole in the middle, it should be thin enough but add some friction.

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Is this problem on all units or just a defect on some?

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How has the blu-tack fix been holding up? Have you run into any issues with it getting inside the plug?

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I never even used any on my pair. Wasn't needed.

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Bit of a noobie here but I had the exact same issue with my newly purchased MDR-1Rs and google lead me here! 

Didn't fancy getting blu tac in my jack so I came up with this little fix that is working currently but has not been tested for a long time.


I cut a small disc out of a left over pLeather in ear headphone case (sennheiser to be precise) and it has stopped the dreaded rattling! 


Doesn't look amazing when unplugged but its hardly noticeable when plugged in! 


Hope this helps someone else who has got this problem too 

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Just reiterating something from a different post of mine. I've had my 1R for about a week now. A little more than 100 hours break in. I'm not experiencing any creaks, rattles, or cracks when I move them. No such noise at all of a material or surface rubbing against another material or surface. That's either while on my head or in my hands. I haven't been able to get any noise to come through the cans while I'm adjusting as well except for the typical cable rubbing against clothes. I am also not experiencing any of the loose or rotating cable issues some have talked about as well. The plug fit nice and snug into the cup port.
I believe I've been reading the same feedback from several other new owners as well. Whatever issues did exist before in the past, it seems Sony have quietly addressed them.
For whatever it's worth, I live in the US, but had my 1R imported from Japan because I really wanted the silver/brown variant.
I will be posting my own review of them as soon as I have a couple hundred more hours on them.
For reference purposes, I've attached pics of my plug in case anyone can see anything different vs the ones that are having problems.




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Only had mine just over a week and there is a pretty serious rattle. 

I'll give my DIY washer fix a try for a month or two, if it comes back as an issue I will contact sony for a replacement pair. 

As far as your pics go RogueGeek, my jack & cable look exactly the same. It's the whole female end of the jack inside the headphone casing that is moving, as far as I can tell the connection of male to female jack is fine / not rattling.

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