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Detailed Closed Cans under (around) $300

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Looking for some detailed closed circumaural cans. They also need good isolation. Sound leakage is not a huge concern although a ton of sound leakage would be a problem. I assume as long as they're not open back they should be fine.


I'm not a huge fan of bass and don't really care about soundstage so the priorities will be mids/treble and detail. Lots of detail.


Source will be Flac files in Foobar --> HRT Streamer II+ --> Project Sunrise V1


So it's decent quality stuff but nothing spectacular. Since the Project Sunrise amp it doesn't put out a ton of juice (it has options for 10 ohms and 68 ohms), I assume I'm limited to lower impedance headphones which is fine with me. Than they might work with my Ipod in a pinch (which would be a very pleasant bonus, although I'll be keeping my current headphones for that anyway).


I listen to pretty much every kind of music. Budget is around $300. Current Headphones are Sony V6's. I like them but I want more detail in the music. I figure if I spend 4x-5x what the V6's cost me I should get a pretty significant upgrade, especially since I assume that they're the limiting factor in my current setup.


Right now I'm thinking the German Maestro 8.35d GMP's might be what I need. Any other recommendations?


P.s. My other criteria are build quality and comfort. So my priority order is Detail --> Mids/treble --> Comfort/Build quality/Isolation --> everything else.


Thanks in advance,


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Hhmm...I'd have to say that what your looking for is a pair of Maddogs by Mr. Speakers, comfort strap without the dogpads. The dogpads will give you more bass. The isolation is very good and they are a wonderful closed ortho. Good for all kinds of music. It's really hard to beat this hp at $300 or under. Think lcd2r2 little brother...



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I'm looking for something similar; BTW, I used to own Sony V6's many years ago before I was a member here. Various types of modded T50RP's like the Mad Dog mentioned above are probably a good option. I get the impression they are on the darker side and I prefer brighter, energetic sounding headphones. I've been looking at some of the following options:
AKG Q701, lots of reviews on here. Best with warmer amps. Reportedly the Fiio E11 and E17 both work well. Matrix M-Stage is a long term favorite as well as the Shiit Lyr though not so much the Asgard. I assume the Project Sunrise amp would work well, but no isolation, very open headphones.

Sony CD900ST, a very specific headphone designed for studio use in Japan. Looks alot like the V6, but much higher quality driver units. Needs good amplification to avoid sounding thin and sterile. Supposed to sound awesome with vocals when used with a warm tube amp. I believe "Kiteki" had one until recently, just search CD900ST on here.

CharterOak SP-1, essentially a tuned German Maestro GMP450 pro. (Both based off MB Quart headphones) Closed, but not very good isolation. Designed for studio use, very detailed and fast but still musical according
to reviews. I haven't found much about amp synergy.

I've looked at Ultrasone but they don't seem very neutral, the best option there looks to be a Kees modded pro 900.

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KRK KNS 8400

AudioTehcnica A700X

Beyer T70 (used/sale)

Brainwavz HM5

AKG K550


Mr Speakers Mad Dogs


Very best,

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Any reason not to get the AKG 271 MkII's?


Everything I've read about them has been really positive now that you mention them!

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Hi. Although they're a little more consumer-friendly, I think the Sennheiser Momentums would be worth a look. They're closed and well-built, with minimal leakage and a not-so-large soundstage (fortunately this won't bother you). They provide good isolation for train commuting and are very comfortable for me, but if you have big ears, I'd try them first. To me, they have lovely mids and a smooth, non-sibilant treble.


They have what I'd consider light bass, although I have read others' opinions to the contrary. Perhaps you can audition them to test. I find them to be very detailed, but I'm not experienced enough to determine if it's "Lots of detail". I suppose this reviewer would be: http://www.innerfidelity.com/content/very-adult-sennheiser-momentum-page-2


They have a low impedance too, of just 18 ohms. They are very listenable out of your iPod. I can't speak for the amplifier, as I've never amped my Momentum, but I guess if the Sunrise amp provides for low impedance 'phones, it'll do in a pinch.


Finally, as to your budget of $300, the Momentum's MSRP is $350, but I'm sure there are deals out there.


Good luck!

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Originally Posted by AlbinoBlacMan View Post

Any reason not to get the AKG 271 MkII's?


Everything I've read about them has been really positive now that you mention them!




No reason not too, they're good phones for what you're looking for. They come with both velour & leather pads so you can figure out comfort with that. Detachable cable. Decent build quality, light weight. They're not expensive either. Grab them from Amazon maybe so you have a return policy, try them out, if you don't like them, send them back.


Very best,

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Originally Posted by AlbinoBlacMan View Post

Any reason not to get the AKG 271 MkII's?


Everything I've read about them has been really positive now that you mention them!

They were great for their time. Today, I am afraid, they look quite pale against new players on the block like Sony MDR-1R (these guys just steal my heart) and Senns Momentum.

AKG K267 looks quite promising too, seems like AKG attempt to stilize K550 for younger generation.

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I guess than my question is are the now outdated as Andrew says AKG 271 MkII's a significant upgrade from the even more outdated sony V6's?

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ATH A900X or SoundMAGIC HP100.

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I think the most detailed headphone for $300 is the Shure SRH 940. They are extremely detailed, but do lack quite a bit of bass

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I'd say the thread name screams Mad Dog. IME, their detail is at least on par with D5000. Super non-fatiguing sound. Love them myself. I have the older Shure pads.

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Sounds like the Sony MDR-SA3000, but they're open backed...so I'd throw in the DT1350 from my experience, but you may get a unit with a wonky FR, (quality control issue, though I think the frequency of such an occurrence is blown out of proportion on Head-Fi) though it does have extremely good, balanced bass, so that might not work out with your tastes.  It really sounds like you want a Grado to me, or the SA3k, but closed...I don't know of anything that does exactly what you want off the top of my head.


The amp, meanwhile, is an issue.  If you don't want FR issues to occur, you need a headphone with at least an 80 ohm rating, on the 10 ohm setting on the Sunrise.  Since it doesn't put out a lot of power and has dizzyingly high output impedance, you're really limited on what you can plug into it and get good results out of.  You can't use high impedance headphones because not enough power, and low impedance is a crapshoot because the frequency response might go full on whacked out, or it might be just fine.  The DT1350 is exactly on the minimum impedance there, so it should be fine, if you can stand having bass and possibly returning it if it's got the QC issue, it may suit your need.  I would buy from B&H, personally.

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