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How to control sources and outputs? (asking for suggestions)

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Hello! Here's a cute picture I made.



On the left is my current setup and it has the problem of having to disconnect cables every time I wish to change to listening with monitors. It is a possibility to ditch the Nuforce IconHDP and replace it with an oDac, as it might simplify things and simply be a better dac.


What would be the missing desktop-sized piece marked as ????? on the right? I realized it should have a pre-out for adjusting the volume on the speakers and having a good phonostage is a plus. I could get rid of my current phonobox and lose an extra component this way.


I was looking at some DJ-mixers but they seem a bit fiddly, big in size and quickly climb up in prices. Also I'm not sure if they would be able to switch between outputs.

I admit I have no idea what such a device might be called (router? switch?) and the fellows at the local audio shop were a bit clueless about what to do. (They don't do desktop audio that much)




able to pick inputs & outputs as neccessary (one input and one output at a time is enough)

pre-out if oDac is introduced

phono-preamp optional


Help is welcome and appreciated. Thanks for looking!

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Funny, I've had the same need as you. There are "audio switches" available on eBay that I've held out on purchasing.


But they seem to be switching inputs rather than outputs - which sort of miss the point I'm looking.


I too use headphones + speakers (used to be monitors) and switching cables every single time I want to use headphones or speakers becomes an inconvenience.

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The solution to this would be either be an amplifier or a mixer which has a REC (record) out or similar. They are used to eg. save a live DJ set to a computer with full line level signal. The REC out would go to the headphone amp and the pre-amped, volume controlled "MASTER" signal would go to speakers etc.


I saw a Rotel stereo amp which had this at the local shop and tried a DJ-Tech 4-channel mixer but unfortunately the USB-portion of the mixer broke down so I had to send it back. Was also too big for desktop use.


Still looking for options :]

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You're looking for a preamp. It's just that you're looking for one with a line out as well as a pre out. I have a similar setup to the two of you as I have 3 inputs (DAC, PS3 and CD player) and two outputs (line out for my headphone amp and pre out for studio monitors).


I got the Pro-ject Pre Box DS,



but if you're on more of a budget, you could get these: 





If you need XLR or want to configure a lot of stuff,



Also this,


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