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Sony Xperia T, micro review.

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Just for anyone out there that is considering the Xperia T as a worthy DAP source, I can confirm that its is actually pretty good. It's slightly behind the S3 in some audio SQ parameters such as stereo crosstalk when the earphones are plugged but overall its getting good audio reviews that I can also vouch for. I cant find any tech specs for the DAC used but Im half wondering if it shares the same DAC as the Z or F series Android DAPs? I'd also be interested to hear how they compared.


The Xperia T competes with my Sony X-series surprisingly well, while it does not extend bass as much which makes the Walkman sound warmer and more powerful, it has better instrument separation, a wider soundstage and clarity, which gives the xperia T a very enjoyable, clean, mid-high centric sound presentation that im growing to like more and more. I'm very happy to leave my Walkman behind and use the Xperia when out and about now, something I never dreamed I'd be able to do for the foreseeable future when I first got my X-series. The microSD card slot also really helps make it a viable option for DAP use.



Its a good phone, has a solid, good quality feel and Im also a big fan of the smart military like, understated Sony styling. Being a 1.5 Ghz Dual core it's fast enough, intuitive and has a big, good quality 4.4" TFT screen.


However, it is going back and will be replaced with a SGS3.... but only because Im not happy with the button positions and the fact that the battery is sealed inside the unit. If you can live with these design quirks then I'm sure you wont be dissapointed.





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I also just purchased a Sony Xperia T (LTE version) and am very happy with the sound quality.

I've previously owned the SGS3 but god rid of it in favour of the HTC One X. Bot have significant hiss if you use IEMs, but the SGS3 was the worst of the two and just unbearable to me. (Note that I'm referring to the North American LTE versions of these devices with Qualcomm S4 SOCs).

The Xperia T has a very clean output, comparable to my Nexus S with Voodoo Sound. This is in part because they have tuned down the headphone amplifier level, but It is still plenty loud for me.

When combining the SQ with the slick and fluid UI, the dedicated camera button, little touches like location-aware Wi-Fi and the ability to program tasks to run automatically when you plug in headphones, this is my new keeper for the moment.
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