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Need to downsize amp

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I'm in need of a new desktop amp. I recently moved and have less space for my computer area, so my receiver just isn't going to work anymore. I need something smaller to use with my Paradigm Atoms and my headphones. Would I be better off going through USB or my Auzentech Bravura? Is there something integrated or will I need to go the USB DAC and Amp route? I have a budget of 800ish. Any/all help is always appreciated

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Since space is at a premium in your position I would replace the passive speakers with actives and use an audio interface as a convenient control unit and headphone connection.


Some thing like this combination is within your budget (assuming you mean 800 dollars).


Focusrite Scarlet 2i4 USB audio interface ~ $200 (assuming US market)




ADAM A3X bi amp active speakers. ~$600 (assuming US market)




Don't worry about the interface seeming to have more input and output options than you need atm. You will soon find the flexibility useful and the small extra cost over a simple 2 out device is well worth it.


The ADAMs have slightly smaller cones than your Atoms but they manage to go down lower anyway (60Hz vs 80Hz).



On the other hand you might really want to keep the Atoms, although it seems extravagant to spend $800 to complement a $400 pair of speakers. In that case and if you are currently happy using the on board mounted DAC facility any old small footprint stereo Int amp would suffice. Assuming you want a flat, accurate sound rather than a bespoke sound (i.e. tubes or some such).


Samson amps have stood the test of time and are reliable and good value.



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