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Hello everybody,


Currently my rig is based on a Stax system with a Audio GD19DSP + SRM007t + SR507.


My opinion is the same as DavidMahler on SR507.

There several negative point about SR507 :

-small soundstage

-lack impact and body


Positive point :







-transient response


It seems that it doesn't exist a perfect system that they share all the qualities. 

I think of having 2-3 headphones and 1-2 amp.


My first system will focus on the detail, transparency, clarity, airiness, decay, transient response, wide soundstage


Do I upgrade to Stax 007I with a SRM717/727 or balanced HD800/Zana Deux/DNA Stratus/Headamp GSX/Beta 22 ?


The second system will focus more on body, impact of the sound maybe more euphonic in order two system that complement each others.

I think about LCD2-3 or HE6 with Zana Deux/DNA Stratus/Headamp GSX/Beta 22


I prefer to buy directly the best I can afford, although to upgrade and loss money in each upgrade.


What do you think about my project ?

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