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Good headphones for jpop/jrock under $200

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Hi, it's my first time joining here and a wannabe beginner audiophile! I'm still learning about the terms and all other technical stuff. I like listening mostly to jpop/jrock, progressive metal (dream theatre), and some occational jazz or blues. I'm looking for good cans under $200. The one's I'm looking at are Sennheiser HD 229, Sennheiser HD 219,  sony MDR-ZX700, Ultrasone HFI-580. I want to hear a balanced mix or a bit of emphasis to the bass guitar, good balance bet mids and highs (but not like JVC Xtreme xplosivesheadphones HA-FR201. I think I got deaf cuz of it). I currently have panasonic RP-HTX 7 (most of the time after a long burn-in period), JVC xtreme explosive headphones HA-FR201, and sony mdr-zx100. I am also using sansa clip zip with fiio e11. And im not interested in any monster or beats product cuz i borrowed my friend's for a week and im still not impressed, specially for it's price range. Help is appreciated. :D

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Hey hifushvu


I can't really recommend any of the headphones you've mentioned as I've never heard them but if you're looking for a cheap place to buy Ultrasone headphones and reside in Australia , headphonic and addicted to audio are having sales on their Ultrasone line, HFI-780 going for under $200. As a side note, glad to see someone else out there who enjoys J-pop/rock :D

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Their ebay store has international shipping, so if you could stomach the shipping:




My sister also started out with the RP-HTX7s. She likes my TBSE1s, so I looked for headphones with similar sound signatures and settled on ordering these ZX700s for her.


I like my TBSE1s, but I prefer listening to them through my CMoy:




If you live in the US they're still going for $50 at Tuesday Morning: http://www.tuesdaymorning.com/tony-bennett-signature-edition-stereophones/1255982.jsp


There's more J-Pop/J-Rock fans here than you think, btw.

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Cool thanks for the info!. So, I've narrowed it down to sony zx700 and hfi-580/780 (more on 580 cuz i heard they have a bit more bass in them). I'm leaning towards the sony zx700 just because of the price range. Thanks for your help guys! :D


Even though most of my friends watch anime, none of them listen to jpop/rock. All of them are in to kpop. It's ok, but  I still prefer good ol' jpop/rock!! Their play style is crazy. I learned most of my bass guitar techniques cuz of it lol. nice to see people out there who have the same interests! :D I thought i was the only one!


*too bad for the koss one, don't have enough cash yet cuz of too many expenses for the coming holidays... 

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