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Girlfriend is looking for headphones

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I'm looking for suggestions. I recently had her up and she was listening to my HD600s and instantly fell in love with them. That being said, while I do find them fitting myself for the genres she listens to, I cant help but feel there might be better options out there for her. She's looking to spend $200-300. She typically listens to a lot of electronic music and she likes bass. Bass is a must. 

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AKG K167

Sennheiser HD25/Amperior

Sennheiser Momentum

ATH M-50


I know from those that theyve got good bass.


I currently own a pair of HD25, but I wouldnt recommend them for your GF because the clamping force will probably annoy her. I've ordered a pair of MDR-1R; from what I read, it's very comfortable and produces good sound (Jude said best sub $500 closed-cans). But I'm not sure if the bass will "wow" her, as some said that the bass is not as boomy or punchy. Besides, the MDR-1R look great IMO :) (they're in a black/red version and white/silver/brown edition, I ordered the black/red one, the red looks mighty on the black)

Main reason why I'm stepping off the HD25 is due to the sibilance.


I could've picked the Momentum, but they're more expensive and the design of the headphone makes it look huge on my head. AKG K167, I heard it's a bit fragile.


My mate owns a pair of ATH-M50's, the bass and comfort is good but I (personally) don't really like the design.





If she's only using it for @home use (with an amp, small one like a fiio e11 would do), I'd say get her a pair of HE-400 :D

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The HE-400 take a bit of time to get used to them (i had them for 3 days. Now i like the Far more than day 1). Before the HE-400 i was using the Sennheier HD 380 (Closed cans, very strong bass), and while i did love them with my Fiio E17, after listening to the HE-400 i didnt even take them on my trip to work (i always did this before). So the reason i say it takes a bit to get used to, is because my ears were less sensitive to the sounds i hear now (day 3) compared to what i heard before (day 1), and at the begining i had the feeling i would get dizzy from so many so well separated sounds. I would suggest that she actually tests the headphones before (after all, audio is a subjective thing).
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For Open;


Sennheiser HD650

Beyerdynamic T1


for Closed;


Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro80

or the Limited Edition Pro32


As they do not sacrifice much of other apsects with their powerful bass, and still sound elegant as to the HD600.

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I purchased a pair of dt770 pro 80's about a month back and they are awesome, especially for bass music. They also dont drown out the mids and highs, the only thing that some people might consider a downside is the slightly recessed mids. I personally dont mind. Plus the velour ear  pads are really comfy.

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My vote also goes to DT770s

Other choices:

Denon D2000

beyer custom one pro

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Hifiman HE-400 is known as a good technological upgrade to HD600, so she could well like them. I bought them recently and love the sound. I think it is wonderful for well-recorded and complex electronic music, but with poorly recorded and heavily compressed EM it may not sound as fun as some other alternatives suggested (DT770s, D2000 etc).  


The bass of HE-400 is possibly the best you can find in this price range. If your girlfriend wants subwoofer-like bass, HE-400 can deliver that. 


I wear them every night for hours and find them comfortable, but to some they may be a bit bulky and heavy.  The design is not great. 


Perhaps best $400 I spent on music equipment. I would have paid more for them. 

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I would suggest the V-Moda Crossfade m100's, they sound perfect for what you are looking for..  They have a lot of bass and are built like a tank.  Also they are very customizable so she can make them "look pretty". Innerfidelity has an excellent review on them here http://www.innerfidelity.com/content/bassheads-delight-v-moda-crossfade-m-100.   Cnet gave them an editors choice award.  The hifimans are pretty heavy and my wife thinks they are heavy. 

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Worth noting that the ATH-M50's come in white -- which might appeal.  Also there is the 50th anniversary edition with silver/metallic finish.


But if she fell in love with your HD600s -- would definitely consider the HD600 (or HD 650) as possibly being right on the mark.  Safest bet, I'd say...

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Dt880s wink.gif

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I have to agree with krash3x the v-moda m-100s are the best possible match. They have them in an excellent white color and they are super great for electronic music and they have a kicking bass! The m-80s are a possible choice too. 

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Originally Posted by AlfredWong View Post



For Open;


Sennheiser HD650

Beyerdynamic T1


for Closed;


Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro80

or the Limited Edition Pro32


As they do not sacrifice much of other apsects with their powerful bass, and still sound elegant as to the HD600.


why are people recommending beyerdynamic T1, he-500 and hd 600/650 when he said budget is 200-300?

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Another vote for DT770, D2000, M50

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M-Audio Q40 they're like $130-$180, I think. They were recommended to me by a very very reliable source. I'd actually like to see what the source would upgrade from the Q40s. You know something a little more expensive that might sound a little better. If I get an answer Ill post again. I'm into dark headphones with more bass than my hd598s, so he said Q40s. I listen to electronic/classical.

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Can we assume that she will be using these as portables and not from a dedicated dac/amp setup? If so, having owned the V-Moda M80, I would also second the V-Moda M100.

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