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For Sale or Trade: Lawton Audio Denon MD5000

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For Sale or Trade:
Lawton Audio Denon MD5000

Will Ship To: Anywhere

The time has finally come to sell my beloved MD 5000. I've been looking around the web, and now that the stock D5000 are discontinued I've seen them selling for anywhere from $500 to $800. Given that these have about $200 of modifications from Lawton Audio by my calculation from this page (the angle pads and the regular markl mod), plus given the street price of stock D5000 nowadays, I feel $650 is a solid deal. These are the cans that Mark Lawton said he prefers to the Sony R10, after all. That is one man's opinion, and I've never heard the R10, but these do sound phenomenal, and don't require a whole lot of amping either.

This would be a great purchase for any Head-fi'er looking to leapfrog years of gradual headphone upgrades and buy something that sounds truly top notch at a very reasonable price. Or if you've just always wanted to check out the Lawton Denons.

If for some reason the price seems off I'm willing to negotiate, again I am just going by the prices I've been seeing for the stock D5000 on eBay and the like.

Apologies for the poor quality pictures, the camera on my Galaxy Nexus is rather poor. The headphones are what I would describe as in good condition. Not mint, but very nice. If anyone wants to see better pictures I could probably borrow a camera and provide some.

I'd also be interested in trading under certain circumstances....


HiFiMan HE-400

HiFiMan HE-500

Beyerdynamic T1

HiFiMan HE-6

Audeze LCD-2

Obviously, the ones that are worth more than the MD5000 I would send you some cash as well, or you could pick something from below.


Leckerton Audio UHA-4 portable amp/dac (Powers the MD5000 just fine, by the way)

Etymotic ER4S

HiFiMan RE-ZERO with Sony Hybrid tips

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From the pictures it seems that it has fiberloft stuffed stock pads and not lawton audio's angle pads installed. 

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Were the mods done by Lawton or a DIY from his kit?

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Hey guys, apologies, I didn't use my computer over the holidays. DJ, they are in fact Lawton pads! I have a receipt from him in my email inbox from years ago I can show you if you are still interested. mrAdrian, Lawton did the mods himself and sent the finished product to me.

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PM'd you. Very interested.

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PM'd very interested

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Price drop!! $600 USD shipping included if inside the USA. Jump on it!

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will you ship to israel?

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sold! thanks for the interest folks :D

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