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Earbuds for Girlfriend?

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Hey guys I wanted to get my girl some nice ear buds for Christmas. She uses cheapos and listens to music at work all day. She also listens to tons of pandora and audio books.


I read a little about the Klipsch s4s but seems people have complaints about how cheap the cord is etc. I would hate to spend 50$ and just have the cord crap out in a couple of months.


Is there others you guys recommend around 75$ that are good?



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Vsonic GR06, my pick in that price range. They got massive positive reviews out here.. Never go for Klipsch S4, The most overrated ear bud after beats..

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The Sony EX310, EX510, RE0, HF3, Harmen Kardon NI, Creative Aurvana 3 are recommended good built quality and they sound pretty good for the price.

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