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Hi my name is Ivan and this is my fist post but I´ve been reading your forums for a long time.

I´m a computer programmer and use headphones all the time and recently bought a ATH-M50 Headphone. Since I wanted a good quality sound on my workplace I got the E11 to drive my Phones. But than I got insecure about it not being a DAC and in my head it would only amplify the signal of a bad sound card at my workplace and bought a E10 right away. Am I right? Since I now have both and can´t return can I use the E10 and than connect the E11 for a better sound? How can I use this two in my current Setup (ATH-M50 + Desktop + E10 +E11)? I would like your opinion and wisdom. Thanks in advance.


FYI: I´m from Brazil that´s why I can´t return.